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I'd like to know you better 😊


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 18 to 30 years old for dating and serious relationship.

About me

Hi there, I'm Scotty Bailey and live in New Zealand, situated next to Australia (Oceania).

I've been single for many years (never been married) and now it's time to find a worthwhile companion to spend my life with.

I have a beautiful 19yo daughter, who lives with her mom. Although I've been single for the last 11 years, my daughter has been the only woman in my life during this time . Spending regular time with her was important, before she got old enough to be too embarrassed being seen hanging with her dad. ;)

About you

Ok, here goes.....

To be honest, it's very difficult to explain what I'm looking for in a woman.

There is no such thing as the perfect person - instead, there are just things about a person (i.e. qualities) that we are attracted to.

Apart from physical attraction, it's also important that two people have chemistry.

The only way to discover if someone is a suitable partner, is to take a risk. This means getting to know someone well, over time.

Choosing the right partner is not something we can do in a few weeks - it does take time.
This might mean getting to know only one person, or perhaps several people at any one time.

Whether (or not) that person becomes our future partner, depends on many factors.

Getting to know others is very important, as the experiences we have with others shapes us into the unique individuals we are today. Likewise, your interactions with others will help them grow too.

No matter whether that experience is good (or bad), trust that it's meant to be.

So don't be sad if things don't turn out as you hoped, coz the Universe has it's own Grand Plan for us.

Trust in what's being offered to you and enjoy the journey.

So, what does this mean for me?

Most likely I will be having multiple conversations and working out whether someone is worth further investment of my time. From this process, I will move one step closer to finding the ONE for me.

But am I seriously looking? ABSOLUTELY !

Whilst this might seem an unusual approach, this is how I protect my heart - ticking all the boxes BEFORE I take that leap of faith. You can't blame me, right?

But my question to you is, "are you willing to go the distance, to find out?"

If you have a happy attitude, see the positive side of life, love to laugh (and be silly sometimes), have a good sense of humour, not afraid of showing affection in public and keen to have some adventure with a fellow male companion, then what are you waiting for? :)

BTW, please don't take it personally if I've blocked your profile - If I have blocked, it's most likely because you've either ignored my messages or I feel you're no longer interested in me. So, blocking profiles simply allows me to focus my attention on worthy prospects, instead of wasting both our time. Make sense?

Please Note:

Although there are some very attractive (some are stunning) ladyboy/shemales on this site, I am only interested in building a future with a biological female. Thank you for your understanding.


Yes, this was a test...
If you've read this far, then you have demonstrated your worthiness...

By the way, my phone is always logged on (even when I'm not available), so please be patient if I do not reply quickly.

Welcome to my profile and I look forward to knowing you better...

Personal info

5'8" (173cm) and average body type.
Has children:
Yes (Doesn't live with)
Non smoker
Non drinker
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Not sure