vhitz, 35
Last online: 26 Apr 2018
vhitz, 35
Last online: 26 Apr 2018

No Guts ! No Glory !


  Zamboanga City, Philippines  [ show map ]

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 21 to 40 years old for dating, friendship and networking.

About me

Well Me? I'm every c0l0r, every belief, and every size. I'm 0ld, y0ung and everything in between. I'm al0ne and I'm surr0unded by pe0ple i care ab0ut deeply. Like y0u, I am a human being filled with j0ys, fears, frustrations, and h0pes. i feel, i laugh, and yes i 0ccasi0naly hurt. like y0u, I want t0 be underst00d, accepted, and appreciated. like y0u, I have a c0mf0rt z0nes that give me a peace and sense of stability. And just like y0u, my cage gets rattled when i have t0 change my habits by d0ing new and different things. M0st times I'm as uncomfortable and d0wnright scared 0f change as y0u are. Sometimes it may seem that i merely piCk the pe0ple i like. I have t0 live with the pe0ple i pick just as you d0. If I'm 100% c0nsistent with every0ne, I will inevitably be unfair to s0me0ne. And If I"m 100% fair with every0ne, im c0nsistent with n0 0ne; I end up treating pe0ple differently. I s0metimes act like I d0n't care...sure! but with a few excepti0ns... And if i screw up, I d0nt expect y0u t0 0verl00k it. Just treat me with respect, deal with the facts, c0nsider my side and give a chance t0 c0rrect the pr0blem. And please, d0n't wait f0r me t0 get int0 deep weeds bef0re y0u talk with me. The s00ner y0u bring it up, the s00ner i can fix it. Generally, h0w i resp0nd will be determined by h0w y0u deal with me. talk t0 me like an adult, and I'll m0st likely resp0nd in kind.If I d0nt, I'm the "Heavy", n0t Y0u....... and I've br0ught up any c0nsequences i get. When it c0mes t0 the ab0ve, I'm guessing y0u feel the same way. Maybe we're n0t s0 different at all... Hear Me... Understand Me...<br /> <br /> ...........\\m//..........HELLC0ME T0 MY W0RLD!.........\\m//..............

About you

i just want to meet someone who can accept me for what i am. i hate liars and pretenders !

Personal info

Asian, 5'9" (176cm), 154lbs (70kg), black eyes and black hair.

Rotor Tech @ Tactical Heli Wing
College - Graduated
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Light / social drinker

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