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My search do you feel like I do .. ?


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Some photos of me

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 28 to 41 years old for friendship, romance, marriage and serious relationship.

About me

A new profile and with some previous info...

Who Am I ... questions that have come up.

Are you single... YES!

Where do I live ? USA.

Have I visited Asia? Yes... several areas. I like to travel and visit new places and make and meet new friends.

Would I relocate.. Yes. But it depends on what would be better.

Do I work ... Yes. Full time .. Yes. I have a career.

Do I have kids... NO. Would I like to .. YES and No. So now its more like it depends.

Married.. NO. Never, Im single. Why .. because it did not work out, was cheated on and I have not found you.

Am I a family man .. YES. I like family and I like kids, especially the well behave ones hahahaha.

Educated .. YES.

My likes....

Nature, mountains, beaches, culture, art, music, jokes, laughter, comfort of home, a full moon, a book, a movie, friends, creativity, sports, dancing, and food.

If we have similar feelings for what we seek it is up to us to find out what else can be between us - and to share / enjoy those feelings deep within us.

Pictures and words can lead to many or few perceptions and yet a personal meeting can also be the same. But the only true meaning of personality, quality and character is nothing less but an open spirit of acceptance to share.. pure honesty and value for each other is greater.


Inspired to write .... just sharing and expressing a few words/point of views.

My newest point of view.

Enjoy the experience and enjoy the situation.
We all make decisions, even if it is right or wrong, our perception of ethics will be based on the present, future or past experience and situation.


The Shared Blue.
The blue morning sky, pure as the morning dew on leaves and blades of grass. The sunlight grows across the sky as the birds fly with the freedom we may never know. On your side of your world I imagine your sky to be filled with a few scattered clouds but with a full moon casting it's light into your sparkling eyes and soft flowing hair. The city lights glow as the spirit of your smile enlighten the souls around you.
I peer through my imaginative perception of you and all I desire is to fly so I can hear and know your voice in this world of blue and moonlight skies.

Thinking of you as I imagine your day to be.


I only want the one girl to be my one and only one. 
If picky I am, well thats because I look for certain things that are important to me; they are intelligence, education, personality, honesty and attraction. Attraction can be very basic .. from a smile to the style of hair, to eyes and lips. Im not perfect and Im not looking for perfection but I try for the best. We all make mistakes.
Let life not pass you, share it with the thrills and spills of life but with more laughter.

Here is a clear picture of what partners should be like: they should work together to achieve the same for the family and for each others goals, but it will probably be more like 50/80 on me just because I will do it for my love ones. They should also try to live life and not be working all the time. Enjoy life ... from the smallest moment to the grandest moments... a smile and a laugh will always be best, Believe me ... just try it.

About you

Someone who is outgoing.

To give it a chance is to learn and improve.

You should be your self and understand that communication is always better - it's better to say whats on your mind instead of keeping it in. To be able to realize when is the right time and when is not the right time to do certain things - by means of private concerns or situations. No need to scream in front of others when we can talk, but if you want to scream let's do it behind closed doors. Ha ha ha. Also, you should not be too serious, you should be able to have fun and not be afraid of trying to be the guide or leader every once in while.

In short, do you do the following; go out for a walk, a run, a nature hike, a sunset, a dance, a swim in the pool or ocean, a dance in the rain, a castle in the sand and a kiss in the forest, mountain and snow. Able to cook a meal with a kiss, to learn with a kiss or to try something new with a kiss? If this is something you DON'T like than IT WON'T WORK . I'm active and I like for my partner to be active too, and to be able do such things with me and our future family ( kids ) and friends.

I see these things as part of life and things that should be done together with family and friends. If I can adjust to change we all can adjust - the important thing is for the both us to try as a team. It is a partnership relationship, not just a one person point of views or dreams. I list what I like and what I like to do. It's a two way street for singles and one way for couples but as long we are together we are able to adjust to any type of roads / intersections. In my book, Im sure I will be able to adjust to what she likes.

Personal info

Hispanic, 5'5" (166cm), 143lbs (65kg), brown eyes and black hair.

Computers and Education
University - Graduated

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
Non smoker
Rarely drinks

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