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  Worldwide, Virgin Islands, British

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 21 to 45 years old for friendship and more.

About me

:hello: :wub: ^_^ ;) :D :p :lol: :o :) :yes: :no: :( :blink: :huh: B) :} :rolleyes: :wacko: :boring: :unsure: :sorry: :sneaky: :zzz: :angel: :angry: :angrym: :realmad: :blushing: :w00t: :shok: :crazy: :fool: :thumbdown: :thumbup: :yahoo: :whistle:

Well . . . . . . ? . . . Would ya?


I have no plans to visit The Philippines.

About you

I dunno what "other" is, but it sounds fun!!! :D ...but before you get too excited, my idea of "other" is playing music or sport or... you know, banjo, bike rides, trombone, tennis, xylophone, zorbing, etc...

I like making music, art, languages, writing, design, anything creative (totally unlike my work?! Hmm). :fool:

In a nutshell, I'm looking for some sophistication.
Someone who can be wild and free, but also comfortable in a professional environment. :angel:

In other people I love:
+ happiness
+ sportiness
+ outdoorsiness
+ intelligentness
+ cheekiness
+ flirtatiousness
+ playfulness
+ kindness
+ thoughtfulness
+ directness
+ independentness
+ motivatedness
+ imaginitiveness
+ patientness
+ creativeness
+ openness
+ talkativeness
+ forgiveness
+ bikini 👙 ;p

People who love cheeky wordplay are the best. ;d
Just want to share a smile not an argument... :yes:
I can't deal with people who have strong religious or political feelings.

Tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery, excessive make up and jewellery, pretentiousness, affectations turn me off, to me it's like self vandalism. I like natural people, in every sense. :)

Not interested in people who print their phone number, email, or chat ID, or social media profile on their profile page - I'm not a fan or a potential customer. I'm not into people who spend a lot of time doing selfies and gazing into their phones instead of into my eyes. :w00t:

Most of all, I really don't like people who seem to think they are better than other people. We may not all like each other or be attracted or be compatible or comfortable, but there's no need to be mean about it; it's almost worse than lying. :no:

P.S.: If I don't reply to your message, it means I'm horrible, and probably not good enough for you :p

Personal info

Caucasian (White), 6'0" (183cm), green eyes and brown hair.

Surfer, wizard, artist, comedian... 🏄 :-)
Masters Degree

Relationship status:
Willing to relocate:

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