thisrareman, 39
Last online: 31 Dec 2017
thisrareman, 39
Last online: 31 Dec 2017

RARE Man Seeks His RARE Beauty (THIS Could Be Our ONCE In A Lifetime Chance)


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 21 to 40 years old for dating, friendship, romance, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

I am a man at the heights of his powers with a huge, throbbing vision for my life.

Huge turn-ons: wild coasts, warm ocean water, wide open spaces, big group friend dinners, soulful vocalists, original thinkers, honest sensualists, wits, people who work for something vast, soul-naked conversations, and more than anything... sudden, unbidden, generous, and spontaneous expressions of love.

If you have the passion and brains and guts to eventually see your creative visions come to life, we will have a blast. If you are ambitious and want to be the standard of YOU, then you have met the right guy. I mentor all kinds of people in business and life, and it is really something I enjoy. Nurturing real talent and ambition is what my whole life --personal and professional-- is about, finding the gem at the core of everyone I meet -- and helping warm it into pulsing life.

i am about three major things:

my life centers on GOD and my walking breathing relationship with HIM.

my life revolves around PEOPLE. they are my LIFE. everything i do now is so that i can better serve and contribute to invite people to come fully alive and live fearlessly (or read: love recklessly with abandon) in their lives.

and lastly, i am all about LIFE. the HERE and NOW. and to live the most inspired and amazing life i possibly can. from my health to my finances, from my relationships to life works, all the way to my mental and emotional growth, my purpose is to evolve in the highest level possible.

and i have been told more than i care to count that i am NOT just another generic person with generic tastes and opinions.

i am weird, strange, uncommon, different, RARE.
and i am NOT like anyone you have ever met before.

and if i wanted to impress you, i would be myself.


heck, you should be. ;)

now, i dare you to say hi.

Note: Integrity is important to me. I have found that some women have not been honest about themselves in their profiles and have heard that men lie about everything from their height to their weight to their employment, My profile, like my life, is in integrity. Please write me only if your profile is, as well.

If you write me, have something to say, have a vision. Show me that you have read my profile. This is quality real estate here. I am an authentic man who has real and warm gifts to share with a passionate, ambitious young beauty who wants to take on the world.

About you

YOU are a young beauty on the threshold of your possibilities. You are smart. You are ambitious. You are good-hearted.

You are inspired and inspiring, vivacious and witty, with a great open hearted laugh. Joy swims around you. You love being a source of light and love to the world, and you can not help it.

Your friends would easily identify you as the adventurous one in the bunch. You would rather spend a week together kiteboarding on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, or making a small difference to a less fortunate population somewhere around the globe, or lying in a hammock in a private beach, than shopping for shiny things.

You may have noticed that too many people are jaded or negative, but you are not and neither am I. We will dream together, but with me, you will get mentorship, creativity, strength and the wisdom of the battle won.

I only want to hear from you if you dream big and have high creative talent, are smart and ambitious, and if, like me, you relish eating up this world in all its pleasures and pains, if you genuinely want to experience it all boldly --but also tenderly-- and if your heart is deep and loving.

Life is a feast of deep pleasures and genuine loving connection -- and so many people are starving themselves! You and I are of a different tribe. You consider yourself a LOVE-LIFE-LIBERTY connoisseur --of all the spiritual, mental, bodily pleasures-- or at least aspire to deepen your expansion and experience -- always, of course, in the context of trust and mutual attraction. You are here to FEEL this life, to LIVE this life, not just watch it from the sidelines.

As you can tell, I am looking for you only if you are unusual, radiates beauty from inside-out, and fearless.

People with checklists searching for Middle class comforts and striving after the American dream need not apply. If you want to grow spiritually and creatively then you are the kind of person i want to be around.

I have been deluged with offers here. So please be a creator more than a consumer! A travel hungry adventurer and life explorer, not a shopper. Dubai and malls bore me.

I am looking forward to continuing this wildly adventurous global exploration with you if you are magnificent, alluring, open-hearted, witty, educated, socially and spiritually conscious, social, happy, and just plain old kind to people. No snootiness! Ugh. Please, no snootiness.

Personal info

Asian, 5'7" (171cm), 121lbs (55kg), black eyes and black hair.

LiVEstyle Artiste
University - Some
Christian - Other

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Non smoker
Non drinker

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