theMORNINGsun, 40
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theMORNINGsun, 40
Last online: 2h, 13m ago

What if we will wake up together with the smile in the MORNING sun...


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 21 to 30 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

I can hear the ECHOES of the wind, I can hear the whispering bird, I can understand the beauty of nature and offer the unexpected thing that has never been before...

I can travel beneath the surface of the earth by unseen mysteries of my existence. Those who believed that LOVE is stronger than death is REAL..but , few are chosen to find it.

I' m an OPEN minded person
God fearing
Understanding of course, and it must be.
Kind - if you believe in the world of RESPECT then everyone can do it.
Extremely skilled

HONEST - that mostly women admired but, really it depends to a woman how she can handle itself about going to the road of an empty space. The world is full of strangers being honest is what you can get from your own action and what you believed is right.

SIMPLE - the good thing about simplicity is you can balance both sides that no one can under estimate your strength and how far you can predict your future in many ways.
In the absence of beauty by our looks physically why only few can understand that the product of a real beauty is what beneath the lines of your will...for beauties physically are temporary and faded for we are created and exists by atomic elements that no one can predict the secret of it. LIFE is short the real beauty may depends on the will of your good deeds .

LOVE - it's not about a DESIRE but, it's what we live for. LIVING in a real world is called survival . Everybody needs love to keep what we are designed for. . .those who can't find love can never find peace. LEARNING to love is what you can give, not what you take for...
It's not selfish nor rude , it's about YOU , alone and it takes a transparent self to know yourself to others by giving the gift of God to be free to share. FOR love is already given and live with you...all you have to do is SHARE . For "NO MAN IS AN ISLAND". Human beings are designed to breath with great love , live with it and fight for it. Rather than dying without knowing love in this world.
There is NO CLOSE door for love...keep it OPEN because if you dare to lost love....then the MEANING of your existence is MEANINGLESS.

About you

Just be HONEST...the rest will be follow ...

Personal info

Asian, 5'3" (159cm), 134lbs (61kg), average body type, brown eyes and black hair.

Product Designer
College - Graduated

Wants children:
Non smoker
Light / social drinker

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