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On a journey looking for Love.


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 46 years old for dating and serious relationship.

About me

Hello I'm a man looking for someone who's serious. I can say that I'm Wonderful, Awesome, and Amazing, but if people describe themselves in this way some might say their arrogant, shallow, just stuck on themselves. How people see you, what your character is like, your attitude, how you respond to them in different situations, speaks volumes of you as a person (I FEEL), cause they see you as you.
So with that in mind... my family, friends, and people in general say I'm a compassionate person. I care about others feelings not just my own. I deal with a lot of people continuously in the line of work I'm in. I have addressed hundreds and thousands of people at one time, so being able to deal with people is a must, so many different attitudes and opinions you've got to have some type of skill.

People say I'm funny, I'm not a stand up comedian, but I have my moments.

I'm assertive when needed, and aggressive when needed, In other words there are times you need to be a support, and then there's times you need to be supported.

I've been told I have an open mind in dealing with situations meaning, a person once told me if a husband and wife is having a big argument I know how

to defuse it without taking sides. (WHAT?) that's what I said. so I get along well with people, because I understand it's people that help make me who I am.

People say I'm a great friend. A good friend keeps you honest, they tell you when your wrong and when your right.

I can go on forever telling how people see me, but it's up to you to allow some time for us to create a friendship so hopefully you can see for your self, but first my situation is complex or confusing. See I met someone here on this site, went though everything I had to do to get her here, meaning getting a visa, the whole nine yards, so you can see I'm not just talking, but I was about it. Since she's been here, there have been nothing but fights, and arguments, and that's not what I'm looking for never was, and never will be, so that's why my profile says separated, cause i'm thinking of giving this up. But wait don't think that i'm a quitter cause I'm not, see I'm a widower from my first wife. I was with her over 25yrs. till she died of cancer, and to just put things straight the woman I got a visa for and married is just immature, and it seems as if things are not going to work out. In my closing I just want to be happy, cause life is to short, and at times I feel that I may have wasted almost two years of it. I don't mean to sound like I'm full of drama, cause I can't stand drama, that's why I'm thinking of moving on.

About you

I'm looking for a woman who is mature, and not into playing games. Someone who can love, and be serious about love.

Personal info


5'7" (171cm) and a few extra kg / pounds.

Music Director
College - Some

Relationship status:
It's complicated
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Non smoker
Non drinker