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swordy_2015 • 49
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Only when one endures loneliness may you enjoy happiness forever......


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 22 to 45 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

First let me thank you for visiting my profile i know your time is important. My name is Sean, i am just a normal hard working guy who enjoys a simple not complicated life.

Well it's difficult for one to describe himself without sounding self absorbed or boastful. But I will give it a shot.

I'm a loving and passionate man and I give all of myself when in a relationship. I believe in being a gentleman and respecting a woman, i believe in having and showing manners.

I enjoy music most forms and genres but what I listen to the most is rock and roll and techno( EDM ). I enjoy getting together with friends and singing karaoke although I'm not that great of a singer, for me it's about the time spent with friends and the fun. I enjoy movies my favorites are action science fiction and fantasy.

Cooking was the first passion in my life my mother started me cooking when I was five, so I love to cook and experiment with new recipes and styles.i would love to learn how to make sushi properly.

I'm kind of laid back and not pretentious , I'm not materialistic, I'm not rich I'm just an average guy that has a decent job and works hard to pays his bills and enjoys life the best I can. I consider myself to be loyal , faithful, and trustworthy, humble and god fearing. I love life but one thing is missing .....

One could go on and write a book describing themselves so that's enough for now if you're taking the time to read to this point I thank you very much for your time and if you would like to know more all you have to do is ask.

One last thing perfect doesn't exist so I don't expect perfect as I'm not perfect I just hope to meet somebody who will fall in love with me and my flaws as I will fall in love with her and her flaws.

About you

The type of woman that I would like to meet would be one of good character one that doesn't play games as I don't play games, she would not be materialistic, she would be loyal, faithful and trustworthy. I would hope that we would have I would hope that she loves to cook because I would enjoy cooking together. It would be great going out for a night but would enjoy it just as much to stay home cook something together and watch a movie. She doesn't have to be a beauty queen in the eyes of others because of my eyes she would already be the most beautiful. Conversation is of great importance because without communication no relationship could ever hope to last. That is just a few things.
I'm not looking for perfect because perfect doesn't exist, only our Lord and Savior was perfect. But when I find her she will be perfect for me.

Personal info

5'10" (177cm) and average body type.

College - Some
Christian - Other

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Rarely drinks