steffy09, 30
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steffy09, 30
Last online: 27m ago

Im proudly ladyboy with beauty within 😊😊😍😍😍


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I'm here to meet guys of any age for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

Im 30 years old 😊 simple and confidently beauty with a heart 😊

I might not be someone’s first choice,but i am a great choice .i may not rich but im valuable. i dont be pretend to be someone im not because im good being me.i may not be proud of some of things ive done in the past ,but i am proud of who i am today . i may be a perfect but i dont need to be . take me as i am or watch me as i walk away !

stay single until someone actually compliments your life in way that makes it better not to be single .if not its wort it ,!

Honest everytime u visiting my profile it makes my day at the biggening we starting knowing each other and refreshing all your promises to me.but in the end u break your promises .. so now i can tell it that promises are made to be broken ???becz i experience this for a while!!!! But still okay i understand and accept the fact that im not the one you are looking for move on and be patience always with faith..were ever you are right now i thank u for all the good things we sharing thoughts and promises ???thank u then to be part of my life as i tot of you your all mine but its not?its just my overseas friend...?? you know it if who really i mean okay???good luck and god bless u? and me too i hope i could find the guy more than like u😊😍😍😛 ???

I forgive , but i als0 learn a lesson?.i wont hate you , but ill never get close enough for you to hurt me again. I cant let my forgiveness become foolishness !

So i want only my guy could do his actions to prove ? dont like words who means nothing ?....

Honest then for some reason why im not easily to fall inlove 😢😢😢 for men in here i mean this site . Because as far i experience here. Mostly all sorry if i made in generalize 😢😢 the guys who i face or chat here which is i tot its serious like becz the reason they offer me something . Then me are so excited becz its a blessing which is i expected like he is willing to help me. The result is im hopeless 😢😢😢😢 to all guys in here so please dont fool me ok . Im just still a human who hurt too like u so please stop doing that in me even to some member in here 😢😢😢 yes im only ordinary but if your sincere u must to prove your side that you are doing your action 😢😢😢😢i hope u understand my side .....

Okay if u ask my viber or some apps then i answer yes i have it and u ask okay give me .then i said ok but its need to have a enough load and honest to you i cant access my apps without a load like regular. If your sincere or interested in me ; then try to find way obcourse im not asking you or please u but if u are willing then do it for sincerly ok not for fooled me.

God bless u all mwahhh

About you

I want my man could accept me as who i am. A man could love me and support me too.a man whos willing do his action by his words .a man proud to be with me in public a man who is very true his self and concern😙😙😙

A man to be a partner in crime with me😊😊😊

Personal info

Asian, 5'3" (159cm), 77lbs (35kg), average body type, black eyes and black hair.

Im a domestic helper like a handwash laundry
College - Some
Christian - Catholic

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Non smoker
Light / social drinker