sochanleakhena • 28
Last active: 5 Jul 2019
  Marketing-ever heard of a position called NPD? 😂
sochanleakhena • 28
  Marketing-ever heard of a position called NPD? 😂
Last active: 5 Jul 2019

Looking for sth that would last...




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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys 27 to 40 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

Hi there. M Khena, a Taurus..

A few simple facts about me:
1. I’m quite talkative- I mean out- going. Lol... in case you ever want to find a buddy to talk about anything, just count me in. But first, maybe I can’t be myself and have to certainly restrain my too friendly self coz m afraid I could scare you away. 😂😂

2. M a Taurus and surprisingly, you believe this or not-my personality links a lot with being a Taurus- almost 80% true and the remaining 20% untested. Lol

3. M a mega big fan of Lord of the rings... well, I also watch other genre movies too- science action hero horro ( not the romantic or sad one though). However, no other movie could ever replace LOTR in my heart. I could go for this 4-hour sth triology non-stop for the whole day, though I already lost counts of how many times I’ve watched it. If you are one of this movie fan, perfect... I’ve always looking for one to share my opinions.. if you’re not, and might want to try it- I highly recommend... you can always come to me with your opinion after you watch it- or even before...

Oh, though I love lord of the rings, GOT is still an adventure that I have not decided to take yet, and I dnt even know why. 😂.. Maybe if I can hear some convincing words, I could give it a go..

4. M a dog lovers- animal lover. I’ve become pretty sensitive with topic regards with animal abuse.

5. My body is the common small Asian girl... I’m 1.52 and with 10-cm high heel, I could only be 1.62 (though sneakers have always been my favorite type of shoes) ... I dnt know who to blame for why I ended up not growing any taller... 😢 anyway, I’ve long decided to live with this fact and accept the generic word I would hear often of being “cute”, even if I never like it.

6. Sports; I love to watch football... I have a brother who is a football fan and I ended up watching with him too... it’s been a while since my last enjoyment with football though... Can’t swim but really hope I can learn how to swim...

7. Well- should be all for now 😂thanks for letting me bring you through this adventure of my essay... 😂

About you

Are you one of those men who are looking to retire in my country? Good- please dnt send me any messages coz m not interested in that 😊. I’m quite independent enough to handle myself, my living expense and i’m not interested in asking help from anyone. I’ve got a decent job, and thus, though age is just a number, I do look for man whose age range is not too far from me. Sorry to be too straight forward, but I need to do this as I have received many messages from a lot of uncles and grandpa already and I dnt even know why.

Personal info

5'0" (152cm) and slim.
Marketing-ever heard of a position called NPD? 😂
Has children:
Wants children:
Non smoker
Rarely drinks
Relationship status:
Willing to relocate:
College - Graduated

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