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.“It’s The First Dating Profile I’ve Read That Was Actually Original.” Marilyn Monroe

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls of any age for dating and serious relationship.

About me

Ok, I can se that you are going to look at my pictures before you read the profile. That’s ok…I wait…are you finished? Good. I walk the dog while you read (no, it’s not my dog). Send me a message when you are finished reading and I tell you a story about the picture I couldn’t upload from a place called Kjeragbolten in Norway :-P

My parents raised me with good books, history and nature. But from the start when I was a little boy I wanted to build something, make something work. First it was sandcastles, then it was playing with building blocks and Lego. My parents supported me no matter what I would do and they bought tools for me. My father and my uncle showed me how to use them without killing myself. I made the first wooden cabin in the neighbourhood that did not fall apart. This led me to start working with electricity, which continued on to project management to this day. To this day, I work primarily with people. As a leader, I know that I make a difference for people and that is what matters most to me. Life is not just about work either. On the road, I picked up a snowboard and haven’t left it since. It's amazing to slide calm for a moment, pick out the track with accuracy down the mountain ... and with just a small weight distribution adjustment, you're raging down the mountain for the next second. It’s a great feeling to find the right track through new powder snow, create a track that will take you safely down. It's the excitement and knowing you cannot make it perfect, you have to adapt to the challenges of the slope. A connation while you become one with the snowboard, the mountain, the snow and the world as you let it lead you down the untouched snow. I will not drag you down the mountain with me, but if you are the type of woman who likes to play in the children's slope, and then go inside to warm us in front of the fireplace to drink cocoa, then we have a date…or maybe at the beach ;)

About you

You have to be compassionate, empathetic and care about others. You love youre life and you are always looking for opportunities to be a better person and do good things people you know and don’t know. You are someone that wants to make a difference in the world in your own way, that would be nice to.
You know, now that you read this far… why not take a chance. We could be super together. But we may never know unless I stumble upon your profile unless you say “hi”. So be kind and leave a message while you are here. Don’t worry about what to write. You may write to tell me about yourself or about something you like, or something you are proud of, but if you only say “Hi, I like your profile” that’s awesome to. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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