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hey hey!!


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 70 years old for dating and serious relationship.

About me

Well! The moment that everyone deards... what say?!?!
well for start hello ladies! and glad to see that my irresistible charm has retained your attention!!! haha no i'm not narcissistic just sarcastic! :p
here for create something serious only why not that leads to marriage. i mean i hope... :D for now i'm far to be victorious... haha
just my star in the night, hope find the woman who'll conquer my heart and upsets my daily life.
age did not matter if you are serious and that you know what you want
i'm not god fearing but it's not a problem for me

if you are interested after reading my profile you can write me, I do not bite. i mean never at the first date ... :D just kidding!

yes I know I seem younger than my age.many people told me I look like a teenager. :)
but I am much more mature and supposed, that it seems
I am an open minded person, I can talk about any topic.
In general, I am a multi-faceted personality handyman and very astute, i have Ability in Many field! cooking, gardening, carpentry, architecture, i stop here the list is too long better if you ask...:D I can repaired all that can be. within reasonable limits ... haha: p.
I'm also a big sentimental, very respectful, especially of women.
for me the woman is precious and I do not support that have demeans, playing, or submit a woman is being abused. at my eyes. "yes i know i'm strange..."
so we are fusionnal and with lot of complicity or not... :D i research obviousness, the feeling, alchemy !!
i'm introverted, yes no one are perfect... i have also a lot ot defaut. but it will be a surprise! :p more or less good... haha
I have the head on shoulder, I thought a lot or
I know front to be a problem and solve it.
I'm funny, I have a great sense of humor and I love to tease make jokes (sometimes stupid).
at the beginning I am very shy and book, I know to be discreet as it is neccessary. limit erased...
but after being in confidence, I am a true electric battery! :D I must admit sometimes unbearable so if you feel you courageous... haha
I have a big heart, i love everyone.
my friends say I have a default, I'm too nice.I love everyone, and I'm not suspicious assertions. everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt
they say maybe true, but without this I would not make a good meeting ...
I am a pacifist,for me any form of physical violence is unacceptable. I can not stand it.
but if you hurt the person I love and I know be traitor and vicious.
you need to find me strange in reading this,but may be that it is precisely this strange little side that makes ...
as you can see my english are not sensational, i learn sorry for mistakes and other! ;)
I would say that the key to happiness is not in the bank note, but unfortunaly no ...
scammer!! no no, i'm not just i'm looking for a right person... :p "as you!!" :D

many tell me "your profile is too long" so I decide to reduce but finally it is worse ...: D haha good read!

About you

if i had the choice i would say surely!!
a woman sweet, surpeising, attentive, delicate, fizzy
fun, who loves to laugh and who knows what she wants.
a mi ange mi demon woman, i would say 60% angel 40% demon.
that she did not fear from this dirty hands when needed,neither of this break a fingernail.
but that also knows remained feminine and sexy!
that she kept a bit of this child side while being mature with a hint of character would be ideal, but despite all this...
I can not be the ideal woman would find here but I hope to make good meeting, or simply to have a pleasant discussion civilized.
or maybe done to make a nice piece of road malgres all the pitfalls of life, and live a pretty story.
love has no boundary, maybe that...
a partner with whom to enjoy life and this challenge as long as we can. I think life is too short for a kill work only.
travel and discover new places, new culture, live the present moment without worry of past.
we'll see what the future holds, and we write can be at two...
I think the most rewarding is the way, live the joy, sentence, be uncertain, take a risk, make a fall, put standing,
make the beautiful meet, live each moment fully as if it were the last. it makes life exciting.
of course, have a time for everything
I do not want a princess, I have already. my niece and she knows very well make... ;)
so to finalize (ouf!!! you can breathe now!! :p haha) If the words respect, openness, loyalty, sincerity, communication, fun, humor, passion, love do echo has your ears then we have something in common!! However I would add that it is preferable not to confuse "speed and haste" in a first learn to know us!! ;)
yes all these words to finally say nothing ... :D but anyway you had laugh 5minutes :p

Personal info

Does it matter?
Caucasian (White), 5'4" (163cm), 110lbs (50kg), slim, brown eyes and black hair.


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