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i like to meet a lifetime partner

  roxanne28 replies selectively


  Davao City, Philippines

I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 18 to 50 years old for friendship, romance, marriage and more.

About me

i am COMPLICATED i the sense that i make very unreasonable and confusing decisions which makes me regret things but most of the time i WOrk it out...
i am ADVENTUROUS, i like to go travelling, visit new places, try new things, and do "STUFF"..hehehe

i am LOUD, i looooooove to talk, specially when i get in a situation where i'm the only onE who's willing to talk... i laugh harder that evryone else and when i do, that's loud..haha

i am OPEN-MINDED, i'm open to new ideas, comments and suggestions...hehehe! i like productive talks...the sensible Ones..and discuss\argue about the thoeries, facts, outlooks and plans about life...

i am HYPERACTIVE, i get bored wouldn't see me be stuck in one idea or "work" for about 10 mins...most of the time i walk around, i talk a lot, i dance to put my "ENERGY" away..hehe

i am SOCIABLE, i like to go with diferent kinds of people.. make new friends.always..hehe

i am CREATIVE, i like to experiment with things, draw and make stuff... i am very fond of DIY's(do-it-yourself)...

i consider myself INDEPENDENT...i do my own laundry plus i iron them, i clean my own room (actually, my own house..hehe!), i like to do stuff on my own.. but there are instances that i my need help..hehe...Help?

i love to EAT... really, i do...
food is my bestfriend.. i gets me up when im down, it celebrates with me if im's always there in good and bad's always there when i need it..with the support and company of my other bestfriends....^_^

i love to PLAY MUSIC, even if i'm not that good in playing the guitars and the drums but i like play what i know...i love to BE THE MUSIC...i sing but im not that good..haha! i'll make you suffer..^_^

I AM WHO I AM...i try to be nobody else but me...i am happy of who i am...and i am happy of where i am..GOD bless

About you

i like to meet a man that can give his all trust to me, if there's no trust isn our realtionship then bye , coz im faithful, and loyal

Personal info

Asian, 5'2" (157cm), 101lbs (46kg), black eyes and brown hair.

still student
College - Some
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Regular drinker