roseflowr7, 34
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roseflowr7, 34
Online now!

love to know, share or learn if possible of diff.cultures, stories, finding friends in the net.


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 35 to 69 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me



this take a bit of your time reading.
Are you sure you want to read?

hahaha anyway'

Actually, Its just a short recap or short narration of what u will find in me, and of what i really am, just making it bit shorter

all i could say is that I'm just a cute simple small girl, though I may not be as beautiful and sexy like the others, I'm just cute heheh, all i have to offer are just some special characters.

I am a kind, sincere, and an easy going one. I am also compassionate. .
loving, caring,and an understanding in personality, a good listener too...and also a shy one..I am shy specially at first, but I will try to make you laugh as you get to know the real me.if you get to know me better hope you'll see I'm funny to be with hehehe, not just as my size but as me, as my friends would say i am.Those that know me consider me to be very sincere and sweet. I am not that a materialistic type of person as long as it's not really needed much.

Still reading?Nice OK continue..

I’m simple, God-fearing,truth seeker, trust giver, movie fanatics, a book reader, sudoku lover, a friend, guidance counselor if needed heheh, a secret keeper, nature lover, a listener, and an optimistic individual. I am living life by His grace. I don't like people who just judge easily in other's physical appearance. I love to eat almost all kinds of food as long as I can take i end up vomiting.

I believe that everything happens for a purpose and with a purpose. I am a weak person but made strong by Him. I cry when I watch heart-warming movies, even the not-so ones. maybe I'm just a sentimental type.

Still reading' hehehe wow that means I caught your attention heheh OK, please continue down...

I care too much for the people I love. And still I'm still looking for that very special love that didn't find me yet hehehe, I wonder where he is...

I enjoy reading, stuff collecting , like ( stamps, cards, etc.) a memorable type, I love walking,strolling and traveling (though I never been traveled far from home very long), I love making friends and finding friends. I like to observe nature very much, and flowers too, here I'm just living a simple life, just work and home routine if no Important things to do and place to go,

So' how is it? Tired reading? Hahaha sorry but you've almost reach the end of it,

I'm glad you make it this far, that means you're curious of me, thank you much

hope to be friend with you too to exchange greetings and shares diff. cultures and stories with you..

Ops before i forget, im a p.w.d. person. I dnt want to hide anything coz that's not what i live, hope i can still be ur friend even im a p.w.d. (it means person or persons with disability). sadly i'm one of the many, yet i'm not denying or hiding it coz that's not in my nature and also its not my choice to be like it. so i'm not a shame saying this.

please message me... and..if someday, somewhere, in time we can be friends, I'd be glad.

if ever love find it's way' even what's matters, then, I just hope and pray that you would be willing to shared rest of your life with me, and that you can accept me for what and who I am. even of what i am that you found in me..

God bless you....

About you

someone who can be with someone like me. Gentle, sincere and easy to be with, kind, jolly and fun and mostly who accept me for who i am.

Personal info

Below Average
Asian, 4'5" (135cm), 77lbs (35kg), slim, brown eyes and black hair.

High School - Graduated
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Non drinker

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