reajimayel, 25
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reajimayel, 25
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When you accidentally tapped a profile... *frantically palms the face* 😱😨😑


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 26 to 35 years old for dating and friendship.

About me

I'm a shade of Shrinking Violet and Feisty Red. I have curly hair almost like Moana. 😁🌊 but I am living in a "city in the forest" not near the ocean. Adventurous and a shut-in at the same time- depends on my mood or depends on what type my companion is.
I love my family...especially my mama and God. I am inlove with Pandas🐼. I love to read books📚--yet I tend to forget the author of the book. I love music 🎵 and I sing 🎤---yeahh~~A lot sometimes with a dance 😉😄. I love a jog or mountain hike in the morning on weekends not weekdays. I would love to do fishing again even if I do suck at it. 😁😆 I love walking in the park- yes, I am not really a party goer (except for important occasions). In my mind most parties end up getting tangled in trouble- and I hate complicating myself with those "exciting but not really appealing to me" stuff. I love watching funny, suspense and horror Anime or movies. I love art. I love Chocolate 🍫. I love to travel-and Thailand was the first place I've been to (and people there keep on mistaking me for a Thai-it was hilarious when I spoke to them in Thai that I wasn't one). Yeah, I might as well go on with these since I'm not online all the time 😇😁 I just pop offline and online at random times. Do you know Pewdiepie? Yeah, I like watching his videos. Y'know, his horror gameplays. Haha and I'm a bit of a gamer---May I say 60%? Best series I've played so far was Call of Duty and Far Cry (dang! Still think I'm addicted to it) 😁 And I'm a student--preparing for my future somewhere in the globe😊😁. I also have Skype. 😊 But you have to nicely ask me first. I don't just give it to anyone.
●●I'm not perfect. I have my own flaws too.
😔😱😰😂. That's all. (Weww, that's a nasty one long profile box) Don't worry, despite these long lists of words -I'm a good listener but I interject questions (about your topic) sometimes. 😉😊 coz I'm a curious one.
Thanks for spending your precious time reading this long annoying (I know 😒;)profile. 👏😉🙌

About you

I'm not really into men TWICE or THRICE my age or even much older than me.
About that? Well, I have a decent reason why I prefer guys "Not Too Much" older than me, gentlemen who "smoke a lot" or an alcoholic-type (PLEASE take good care of your health 🙏 be thankful that you have a healthy body don't abuse it). I like sensible guys who will make me think he is the one and that would make me change my mind.
Annnndddd---I like you----taller than me. 😇🙋 I like it when I look up to you whenever we talk. I have preferences but I'll keep my mouth shut for now.
No playboys on my list. Please, I had enough of them. May you have an amazing and fruitful day! 🙌🙌

Personal info

Asian, 5'3" (161cm), 97lbs (44kg), slim and hazel eyes.

HRM Student
University - Some
Christian - Other

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker

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