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passingby • 32

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys 35 to 60 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and more.

About me

Nothing amazing at all!!!

I AM Different
Maldita but not rude
Mabait/kind depends on the person and your attitude
Im not good nor bad just in between
I respect or disrespect you it depends of how you wanted to be treated you get what you ask.

im a Single mother, so you see i have a responsibility and i have an extra baggage.
I work and have a life outside in this flatform.

SO IF your a man looking for someone who wanted to get a response anytime spare me please i am not that woman.

IF YOU are someone who is becoming demanding and judgemental because of late responses please scroll down and message the next one. You have no space in my inbox.

I WILL response your message if i feel comfortable talking with you.

I WILL response your message if you're matured enough to understand the aspect of life & the person whom you wanted to know.

I WILL response your message if i am not busy with my work. So bare with me and if you can't do that your free to leave and not wait for any responses.
Not my problem. Easy and simple as that.

Don't message me to complain about not
responding your messages fast enough. And judge me for that. You have no right to do that not even a tiny one. So save it for yourself.

Some ask why i wrote all the negatives instead the positive one.
Some also keep on asking what kind of person im looking for.
If only they learn to understand everything i wrote in here not just read it only without the proper understanding of what is written they'll know it isn't negative and they also know what kind of person im looking for without asking me.

Sadly people always play on the safe side so they won't get judge or to gain attention. And be thesame like everyone else. And it always make me wonder was everything they wrote in there is true or will i get surprise once they show the true color of themselves behind the mask?
No one written the bad behaviour nor the bad attitude everything is all about them being a good person. Like im kind hearted person like everyone else we all have the kind heart, we all have those good side of us.
I understand im just different and have different perspectives.

About you

I'll let you know soon.

You know make a reading a habit.

If your not in my age range don't waste your time to message me.

And if i wasn't on your age range why bother to still message me? Thats a waste of time.

I AM NOT INTO YOUNGER. So please kindly don't waste your time on me if you are in your twenties okey?
Im not into you. I prefer older than me.

Don't message me to complain about not
responding your messages fast enough. And judge me for that. You have no right to do that not even a tiny one. So save it for yourse
Don't be such a jerk and judgemental just because of late responses. Not everyone has the luxury to do nothing and stay online just to hook up to anyone messaging them.

Be matured and be kind.
And oh please spare me with your wording
" I think your just here for window shopping "
Because why are you still here by the way if your not doing that thing? Is it because you still looking and searching?
Don't act so ............ entitled

Get your act together and be a man
Act on your age people.

Now i think you all have an idea what kind of a Man I'm looking for.

Take time to read it won't harm you at any form.
So you won't be wasting time.

pursuing me means you understand what is written above and you are accepting who that person is.

Expect me to ask you if you really understand it.
I will know if you just pretending .

And lastly DO NOT DISTURB ME IF YOU'RE NOT READY FOR ME Just Kidding let's be friends 😉

Personal info

Quezon City, Philippines
5'2" (158cm) and a few extra kg / pounds.
Freelance Agent
Has children:
Yes (Lives with)
Wants children:
Non smoker
Rarely drinks
Relationship status:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
College - Some
Christian - Catholic