olympicity, 54
Last online: 27 Feb 2016
olympicity, 54
Last online: 27 Feb 2016
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Happiness is freedom and can not be found but is always in you


  Adanac, Taiwan

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls of any age for friendship.

About me

I collect beer bottles of the finest kind! I go to bars, sometimes I get lucky and under the table, I find gum, still sweet and minty! The bar tender pays me to clean tables but he doesnt know about the GUM?HaHa Hehe haha HO! I know you will not tell my secret because trust is everything.Then I clean the toilets I cant understand why people always throw away the giant pieces of mint in the urinals?I maybe have a dirty job but I smell of sweet mints, better than Channel or KFC.Am sorry sometimes I am grumpy if people look down at me so Please excuse my frown. I will run as if I can run away my problems, until dark I howl with the stray dogs and wake up with ...

About you

... With your smile,the only kindness in my dark world, am yours to do as you please . I would love you if you had 1000 bf married and divorced 20 trimes and have 3 kids of unknown descents. Have no job and a liar. Lie to me its ok,coz actions speak louder than words-the truth always come out.Smells of garbage and tobacco ashes in cheap beer, in my eyes you are everything I could hope for.The point is you are always there with me in the morning, or 1000 miles away, you're there for me and our hearts beat as 1

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