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❤eyes are captivatingLy beautifuL nOt bcOz Of the cOLOr but bcOz Of the wOrds they hOLd within them❤


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys of any age for dating, friendship, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

dOnt define whO I am by the way I LOOk Or the cLOthes I chOOse tO wear...i am mOre than what meets the eye..define me by the tOugh battLes I fight each day...define me by my cOurage tO face them nO matter hOw difficuLt...i vaLue hOnesty,LoyaLty,LOve,,respect and trust..I wiLL survive despite any struggLe bcOz i am strOng thrOugh and thrOugh❤❤❤

theres nOthing strOnger than a singLe mOm with a wOunded heart❤❤❤

just bcOz I am a SINGLE MOTHER dOesn't mean I cannOt be a successfuL One sOmehOw....sOmeday 😎😎😎

singLe isn't a status but it's a wOrd that describes a persOn whO is strOng enOugh tO Live and enjOy Life withOut depending Others❤❤❤

I am separated and a prOud singLe mOther fOr mOre than 13yrs nOw....have 3 grOwn up and smart gOOd LOOking bOyz ...Haha.. .and never intO any kind Of affairs nOr relatiOnship tO any man since the day we've been apart untiL nOw(weeeew)..bcOz I have set bOundaries and expectatiOns fOr the peOpLe I chOOse tO LOve and LOved me in return.and if thOse expectatiOns are nOt met and the bOundaries are crossed,then I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR THE SECOND BEST...Learned frOm my mistakes....

hence.....i am stiLL determined tO be cheerfuL and tO be happy in whatever situatiOn I may be.fOr i have aLsO Learnt frOm my experienced that the greater part Of Our happiness Or misery depends upOn Our dispOsitiOn and nOt upOn Our circumstances....

hOwever....there are certain LessOns in Life that have tO be Learned the hard way..eventuaLLy u reaLize the painfuL experiences turn intO wisdOm..they were needed in Order tO shOw u ur true inner strength...u may be stumbLe and u may even faLL but never Let anything stOp u frOm getting back up and mOving fOrward what may Life have tO Offer tO..

anyways.....iLL admit I have my fLaws and imperfectiOns,I have temper and I Like things tO gO my way....i Love tOO much and give tOO fast...I can give up tOO quickLy and Other times fight tOO hard.....but nOt changing anytime sOOn😅😅😅my gOOd quaLities baLance with my fLaws and I'm ONE HELL OF A STRONG WOMAN 😎😎😎
I dOnt chase peOpLe ,I Learned that I'm here and I'm impOrtant..I'm nOt gOing tO run after peOpLe tO prOve that I matter....IDTS🤔🤔🤔

strOng wOman aren't simpLy bOrn..we are fOrged thrOugh the chaLLenges Of Life....with each chaLLenge we grOw mentaLLy ,emOtiOnaLLy and even spirituaLLy 🙏☝️😇we mOve fOrward with Our head heLd high and a strength that can nOt be denied...a wOman whO's been thrOugh the stOrm and survived...WE ARE WARRIORS 💪👊😎❤

FYI.....nOt a fake human being....not a fraud nOr a crOOked...Haha...nOt even a scammer nOr untO games either..and dOntcha wOrry never ask nOr begging mOney tO anyOne here even in sOme Other sites...have my stabLe jOb and I can prOvide my 3prince aLOne...can handLe myseLf in my Own way Of Living with perseverance and dedicatiOn...my phOtOs are aLL recent and Latest updated.. ...sO therefOre I AM SERIOUSLY LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHOM WANNA GROW OLD WITH....that's the reasOn why I'm here and stiLL hOLding On it ...my Life is fuLL Of pOssibiLities....keep the faith🙏☝️😇

untiL then....thank u fOr the visit and reading my Life stOry...much appreciatiOn and means aLOt as weLL😊😊😊


sincereLy urs,

About you

faLLing inLove is easy but staying inLOve is very speciaL ❤❤❤

u dOnt find LOve...it finds u...,it's gOt a LiitLe bit tO dO with destiny...fate and what's written in the stars 😅😅😅

sOmetimes aLL it takes is One persOn tO shOw u that it's okay tO Let ur guard dOwn ...be urseLf and LOve with nO regrets😘😘😘

hOnestLy....I've come tO reaLize that the OnLy man I need in my Life are the One whO need me in their Lives even when I have nOthing tO Offer but myseLf ...my heart itseLf ❤❤❤

a One wOman man...as I am a One man wOman in me❤❤❤

indeed.....a wOman's heart shOuLd be sO hidden in GOD that a man has tO seek HIM just tO find her❤❤❤

nO matter hOw Long it takes...true Love is wOrth the wait❤❤❤

Personal info

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4'11" (151cm) and average body type.
Has children:
Yes (Doesn't live with)
Wants children:
Non smoker
Light / social drinker
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High School - Graduated
Christian - Other

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