neremay_84 • 34
Last online: 15 Oct 2018
  Customer Service Representative
neremay_84 • 34
  Customer Service Representative
Last online: 15 Oct 2018

I'm a woman looking for my soulmate ❤


  Dumaguete City, Philippines  [ show map ]

I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 34 to 48 years old for serious relationship.

About me

Hi! I am a bit serious when it comes to relationship. I've been hurt before. I shed tears enough to break my heart. Whem I'm in love, it's always real. My heart has been shattered many times and so here I am hoping and praying it's never gonna happen, anymore. That hurtaches and pain would be so lesser this time or should I say, will not exist no more 🤞.. I am a passionate kind of person. When I see it's wrong then believe me I would argue for it. And I am the type of person that has an attitude that if I like it then I do really like it, and vice versa. And I hate to believe that the world has never been fair, ever. But it's okay, I'm fine. I can manage. Well, am just saying just so you know. I have a sense of passion by the way 😉 but I love my chuck taylor CONVERSE, so comfy. I really do LOVE to travel. I have never been out of my country but I do want to make it happen one day (my passport is still so clean 😃;). I want to see the world. I am a romantic type of person and gets so emo at times especially watching my fave movies. Yas! I so love movies most especially romantic/romantic comedy/action/adventure (to name some: Armaggedon, MeBeforeYou, DearJohn, Serendipity, TheBestOfMe, TheFastAndFurious) those kind of stuffs. And I so love music too like it's OKAY if I don't have a set of TV so long as there is music around, and like it's okay if I am alone as long as music is there to accompany my lonely world. I love to stay alone day dreaming 😊 well it's free..who wants not to? When I am washing my clothes, I get to think a lot and it's one of the best time to decide on things when I have some big decisions to make. I get lazy at times especially when I am not busy. This time, sleep is a vacation. I'm a bookworm. I love hiking, climbing mountains, strolling. I've wanted to make my own family, hopefully soon, but I need to FIND me a partner first to make it happen!! And I ALWAYS do believe in DESTINY. Fairytales do come true. Agree? So that's a few of me 😉 YahOO!!!! GOODLUCK!!! ❤❤❤

About you

What I want for a man? Just so very simple. He must be someone who can accept me as me (and can accept my flaws). He must be understanding, caring and of course loving and have a sense of humor. Hopefully he is not the type of man who makes woman cry only. A man who always love to share his views and opinions/ideas. He must be smart enough cos I am not 😉 And he can be serious with me cos I am. I hope he is reading this right now ❤❤❤

Personal info

5'2" (157cm) and slim.

Customer Service Representative
Bachelors Degree
Christian - Catholic

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Non smoker
Light / social drinker

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