nay hadiana, 21
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nay hadiana
nay hadiana, 21
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Love the smell after rain. how about you?


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 22 to 28 years old for dating and serious relationship.

About me

Hi. am Nay. Indonesian. People said am friendly, humble, caring, educated, crazy, tallest girl. I am a colleger on last year, and study in Architecture. I like something new, like a new experience. Like noodle, dragon fruit and pinapple so much. and very love the smell of the earth after rain.

Maybe you will get confused of my picture about my hair. but now i just had medium long hair.

Okay let's i will tell some about my self hope that youre not getting bored of that.
at first i just born in discipline family, especially my mom. When i was kid she always teach me how to attitude, how to work well (all about quality not quantity), helping other people, caring something, and anything else. i just already told about my life to my best friend and she just amazed " wow, really you life like that when you was kid? how hard is it . " But for me there is no hard if you see from the other side, i mean think about the positive things that you will get from this. In anything. and now, i can realise that if i get anyproblem i always can think in other side (in positive side) from that we never feel too dissapointed and always feel be grateful. The most beautiful life is when we are always be grateful, isnt?
I just believe that anything in life that happens to me , easy or hard, God never give you the that things more than your capacity. So just try the best and never give up.

My friend just told me that am mature because i can anylse people, i mean i can have a good behave when am with people.

I have many friend, but not many close friend. i like make some deep relation to someone and understand him/her till in little things like he/she doesnt like about food or do she/he have alergic to something.

if you asking about my hobby, my hobby just so random. it can be change so i like trying many things but not too deep. So just like i can do sewing but not pro, i can cook, i like gardening, i like swimming, i like aerobics and zumba but i cant dance, i like singing.
But the most that i want i life i want gardening, i try many times but just failed and right now i just plant some plants. i just imagine how nice is life when you can planting your vegetable, and get your food from your own home and cook together. thats a good life, is not about money but about soul.

And now am still a student in architecture department in Jogjakarta, i lived in Jogjakarta and born here too. I love doing my job very much even it was so pain and full of underpressure. I learning anything in here not about architecture, about understanding people, about living life, about nature and many more.
My life as an architecture student just so chalenging. You have to know that the most of my day just doing my project, even i already do it for 9 hours it feels like never ending, do you ever sleep for 2 days at MCD just for makes you not sleep at home(?) Yap i did that. Of course i back home in the morning for take a bath and back at afternoon again.
Feels how when i not sleep for a few days because of project and then you riding the motorcyle hehehe my life just 50% die or not.
But the most happiest things in life is when your friend knew me that am busy but i always can give my time for them if they wants to meet(we meet so rarely because their own bussins)

I like reading horror story in instagram because thats so interesting but rarely watching horor movie.

I like travel too, i like riding motorcyle with my close friend to going to a good place in here and in other city when we are free. And i hope that i can travel all around the world.
I love beach but i more like mountain because its cold. hehe
I like forest because i dont know why thats makes me happy with the quiteness.
i like silence but i like crowdedness too, sometime when i want to crowdedness i just going to cafe in the mall and watching people around. Maybe its just sound non sense, but you maybe you have to try it. going anywhere alone and enjoy it

About you

i want to meet somebody who more taller than me but its okai if out of my chriteria, if we soulmate? who knows?. hehe. nice in speaking, friendly, humble, crazy, mature and the most important is can treat and nice speaking to his mother or close family, always priority his family and around him. Caring to anyone and animals.
Understand me that am not really fluent in english and give me a correction if i wrong in talking. but you know i try my best to speak to make you understand.

i wants person love animals because i have pets .
i wants person understand me about my language but you know i always do my best about this.
I want person understand my work. I dont really need person who always text me every minute because i also understand he already have his world like job, activity . i dont really need person always text me, but i like notified.
I want person like gardening.

Just text me if you curious about me. i wait for

Personal info

Asian, 5'9" (176cm), 154lbs (70kg), average body type, black eyes and black hair.

Architecture Student
Bachelors Degree
Islam - Sunni

Relationship status:
Has children:
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Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Non drinker

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