naughtyjeny, 28
Last online: 1d, 12h ago
naughtyjeny, 28
Last online: 1d, 12h ago
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  Mandaue, Philippines

I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys of any age for friendship, romance, marriage and more.

About me

I have embraced my sexuality despite the discrimination of the third sex. I have finally came to my personal acceptance. I now understand why others prefer to be discreet (been there, done that), and why others seem not to care at all, and somehow I've learned to respect that. On both extremes, I believe I belong to the latter.
I know a lot of people are too narrowing minded to understand the fact that the "third sex" is an array of different people living different lifestyles.
It would probably require more time discussing this matter, but what I'm trying to point out is, don't judge anyone just because he says he's GAY. As a matter of fact, some of them are manlier than you are. So unless u haven’t seen or met the person, don’t get carried away by your judgment. It takes one to know one as they say.
It wasn’t easy coming out, but I guess it was worth it. I had no idea how people close to me would react, but I can no longer pretend to be someone I’m not. I can’t live a life forever in denial. I can deceive the world. But I cannot fool myself.
I have a straight forward personality. I don’t hold back what I feel, I voice out what I want to stay, and I can be tactless at times.
I’m very meek, shy and observant at first. Often I mistaken as a snob. But hey! Give me a little time to adjust.
I hate being told. I want to do things the way I want it to be done. And ill do it whenever I want. I’m stubborn. So what?
I’m a mind-your-own business type of person. I don’t like to talk about other people, especially those I’m not close with.
I’m an open minded person, but I’m opinionated as well. I’m adamant on my opinions, but if you have a better one in mind, I'd be open about it.
I think like an old man, but my heart beats as a kid. I’m always confused. So I hate making decisions.
I have a very free spirit, carefree and fun to be with- I love to laugh :). I might be too much to handle coz I’m really an energetic person and i cud get too loud sometimes..
I’m very impatient, and I easily lose my temper. It could get me in trouble sometimes. But I can easily get out of it.
I always try to understand others. I find it easy to forgive, but find it hard to forget,
Trust for me is important. It should not be given, but rather be earned.I love to hang out with my friends. They are the greatest source of my energy and comfort. They make me feel confident and always bring out the best in me.
I’m an angry person deep inside, and I always try my best to forget every little bad thing I’ve been through to keep rage dumped under. I want to stay optimistic because it makes it all easier. My life has been rough, but it definitely made me a better person.
I’m interested in almost anything, sports, music, electronics, movies, fashion and other stuffs.
I hate being ignored! But I hate to be on the spotlight. I don’t like too much attention. Just a bit. (LOLS)
I get easily tempted, and sometimes I go beyond my limits.
I always find ways to enjoy despite being alone. During random days, i go to the mall alone and spend some quality time with myself. (LOLS) Somehow, I am able to manage to get rid of the boring stuffs.
I have a lot of things in my mind I want to carry out in the future. I just don’t know where to start yet. But hopefully, I’ll get there and realize the plans I have for myself, my friends and my family.

About you

I don’t know if this is the right place to look for someone you want to share your life with. But I’m always open for possibilities. We’ll never know.
I’m not looking for a prince charming. I’m not searching for Mr. Perfect and not even wanting Mr. Right. I just know and feel it when I like the guy.
I have standards- everybody has. But I’m not a cynical type of person, so u can always give it a shot.
Lastly, I would very much appreciate if a guy would take the time to know me. I don’t want a superficial relationship where everything lies on the exterior. I still believe that what’s inside is what truly matters.
I’m fine with hook-ups but it depends how you ignite my senses. =D so give it your best shot.

Personal info

Very Attractive
Asian, 5'6" (168cm), 115lbs (52kg), black eyes and black hair.

Customer Service Representative/Call Center Agent
College - Some
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Light / social drinker

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