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Just live well. 😔


  Cebu City, Philippines

I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 22 to 35 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

I am an introvert, I love to listen rather than talking in a conversation. I open up myself to those people I can trust and somehow hoping you'll be one of them.
I have gazillion of flaws, a melodramatic typical kind of woman. Sometimes, I overthink situations(I guess most women do), I am insecure with a lot of things, I always dreamed of having a man who will stay faithful even if we are miles apart, a man who will keep every mementos we'll share and who will love me unconditionally.
I hate being compared to Thai's.. and definitely I am not Thai. If you're into Thai women get off my profile and NO two timer, please( men who keep on collecting women online and having relationships with them same time and whoever he meets first will win his heart. I DO NOT LIKE those kind of men. If you're like that - leave!
I am not a nagger, I'll support you in every decision you'll take or make but if I notice that there's something wrong going on... I'll still ask you some questions even if I already know the answer, not because I am stupid or whatever you may call it- I am testing your honesty. And I do trust women's intuition.

And Yes, I am a hopeless romantic type of person. Despite all the heartaches, I do still believe in happy ending. :'( Take it or leave it. That's me.

About you

I won't write anything about the guys I like or the qualities I like from you.. instead let me share you this. I hope you'll take time to read :D


1. I AM SELFISH. If we're on a date I don't like it when you're busy with your phone. I don't like guys who are half hearted when it comes to giving attention to their dates. I do hate men who take women's feelings for granted.

2. I AM MOODY. I easily get mad on petty things. Sometimes, I easily feel upset and will cry without infinite reason. There are times that I'll laugh so hard to corny jokes.

3. I AM INSECURE. I do not have a sexy body nor a flawless skin. I have spider veins and visible stretch marks on my legs. I have a bloated stomach. I have dark spots on some areas of my body. I have freckles on my chest and my back. My hands and feet sweat often specially on sunny days, when I am nervous, scared and when I am tense. Sure, you don't want to hold my hands when it's sweaty, right?

4. I AM BORING. It's so hard for me to start a conversation. I am just a good listener but definitely not a good speaker. I'll just nod and often say " okey" and will share a few reactions and thoughts.

5. I am not good at organizing my thoughts. When I speak, there's a big possibility that you won't understand what I mean.

6. I am not good at telling jokes. I'd love to tell you one but I'm afraid it would turn out to be "corny" and you'll just laugh at me not because of my joke but because of ME.

7. IT'S MY GUMS. When I smile, my gums shows. I just can't help it. You'll know i am happy when my gums shows when I smile.

8. I can't answer phone calls especially at night. I am not used to talk to someone at night especially if I'm with my parents....except if it's important.

9. I SNORE. Especially when I am tired from work.

10. I AM TOO CLINGY. If you're good enough... so stay away. I am not that hard to please and it's so difficult for me to get over from someone who really means to me. If you receive a lot of messages from me, even if I don't get any reply then.... it means You mean to me that much!

11. I am the youngest of the family. I can't be with you all the time. I can't go on a date whenever you like. I don't want to lie to my parents just to be with you. If I do...then, let's see what happens next!

12. I AM POOR. I don't have any savings. I may have bank accounts but it's empty. My family aren't rich. We have debts to pay.My parents and siblings are my priority. And it doesn't mean that I have to depend on you.

13. I AM PRACTICAL. I was not born with a golden spoon in my mouth. I have to work hard for me to buy the things I want and need. I seldom buy signature clothes, bags, shoes, jewelries and cosmetics like other girls usually do. Flowers, chocolates and letters still appeals to me :)

14. I AM NOT A PARTY CHICK. I seldom hangout with my friends on pubs. As much as possible, I don't want to drink alcoholic drinks due to my hyper acidity.

15. I AM NOT INCLINED TO MUSIC. I am not a singer though I wanted to sing but I won't. I only love to listen to songs. I play guitar.

16. I AM BROKEN. I had so many relationships before but it didn't work out. Some...left me without saying goodbye, they left me hanging. I moved on, YES; but there's inside me that's afraid to fall in love again. That's why, I don't expect too much. I am afraid to take risk.

17. I AM INTUITIVE. I'll know if you're telling the truth or not.


19. I AM A LONER. I like to be alone sometimes. For me to think and breath.

20. I AM A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN. I live not for myself but for CHRIST who strengthens me. If you're thinking of dating me... are you also thinking of marrying me? If not, do not waste your time :D If you like/love me that much, you won't let me lie to my parents just to be with you :) We only live once, and I am not getting any yo

Personal info

Asian, 5'4" (162cm), 117lbs (53kg), average body type, brown eyes and dirty blonde hair.

High School Teacher
Masters Degree
Christian - Other

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
Non smoker
Non drinker

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