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Money cant buy love..


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 32 years old for dating and serious relationship.

About me

Im here to find the meaning of my life.

We all rarely see couples who really love each other. I mean this kind of couples you very rarely see. You just feel how happy they are and you see that they look each other in the eyes over and over again...everyone feel they really belong together. I envy them and i guess often most people do not experience this in their whole lifes. Do you know what i mean? he married her because she is pretty and she has him because he has a good job and a house. this couples i mean does not care what they own and what they do together. they do not care if they do something "interesting", even if sometimes they are silent together. they are just happy to have what most people do not have and they know it! for me this is the highest gift that life can give us. they are really loved. Some of this kind of people always feel not complete without this love. I am one of them...

...So far so good

I see very often women who are very businesslike,hard, cool and support this even by their clothes, the broadcast and the occurrence.they have in their life not much space for a man.They consume their total energy for their career.A stable family life seems to be less important.And many loose on the universities their common sense and turn up against their female nature. Many decide to sacrifise their lifetime, being tired all time.. To fill the expectings who other have and to be able to own much...like so many german women. For me its ok.. Good luck, have a good life..

I dont need a great title and a "high" lifestyle and hope to meet someone here who like it more to be with me then working always. Love means sacrifising for me, bud it never feels like that for me... How about you?

.. Did you ever notice that well edjucated couples almost never have a stable relationship?

I read something interesting on one profile here...when she is to lazy to talk, dont waste ur time on her. A good advice..

About you

More important than looking good is for me having many same attitudes.having a kindred spirit. it doesn't matter for me how you grown up and how you live. I will accept you for who you are and i expect the same.

i like sweet loving girls with a big heart. someone who wishes to tell me about her thoughts to feel close.. someone who needs and gives much love and closeness. please be yourself and feel appretiated.

It would be nice, when you where talkactive, openminded and thoughtful too.
Words often do not count for me. I see what someone do and i know everything i need to know.

Ambitious women please view next profile..
I want to be ur priority.. And you will be the same for me.

Thanks for ur time..and good luck for you.

Personal info

6'0" (183cm), 216lbs (98kg), average body type, blue eyes and brown hair.

Christian - Catholic

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Non drinker