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Tired of career minded girls. Finding my soulmate..


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 30 years old for serious relationship.

About me

Hello, welcome here.. Please dont message me when you have very less time for getting to know more each other.

For me there is always one question again and again. Why most people nowadays seem to plan their life without thinking about if they will have time and Energie for their futurelove?! They call it matured. I call it unromantic. Its strange for me to see where the priority is by most girls in my country. Studying hard and work hard to can own much. So they both live in a big house with full of things some day, they cant use much, course they always work. Seing each other 2 hours in the evening..stressed and without of energie. They sacrifise their love for having good things amd being able for having a good car and going on travels. Slaves of capitalism..
Someone idealistic here or im alone now?
Is maybe someone here who live for her real love? Like me?
I feel alone now with my attitude, bud i can only be who i am.
When you are still here.. I want to let you know, my reason and sense to live is ..maybe.. Loving you

I believe most couples are together for wrong reasons. I want something real and very special.
Love means sacrifising ,bud it never feels like sacrifising when we can be together with the one we love really.
When i not answer you it means only that you dont let me feel what i long for. Im sure you are amazing in ur own way... Wish you really the very best of luck with the right one ☺

Did you ever notice that well edjucated couples almost never have a stable relationship?

About you

More important than looking good is for me having the same attitude and being similar.having a kindred spirit. it doesn't matter for me how you raised up and how you live. I will accept you for who you are and i expect the same. Bud to be honest i want more simple and very down to earth Kind of girl.

i wish i will meet a very loving girl with a big heart here. someone who wishes to tell me about her thoughts to feel close.. someone who needs and gives much love and closeness,being clingy is allowed hehe. please be yourself and feel appretiated.

It would be nice, when you where talkactive, openminded and thoughtful too.
Words often do not count for me. I see what someone do and i know everything i need to know.

(Ambitious women please view next profile..
I want to be ur priority.. And you will be the same for me.
And when you seem to be here for getting money...please ask another ok)

And i dont need that little games what some need to play to seem more interesting. Let me say you that you are interesting enough without this..

When you know the meaning of respect and unconditionally love, youre very welcome.

Thanks for ur time..and good luck for you.

Personal info

6'0" (183cm) and average body type.

Christian - Catholic

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Non drinker