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  Ipil, Philippines

I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 30 to 50 years old for romance, marriage, serious relationship and more.

About me

Melvi C. Eguia I used Gegeng as my sobriquet.
7:30 pm of July 06, 1987 I came out into this world. We lived in the town of Ipil,. The only person left at home at day time was Yaya Neneng. Papa that time has an everyday work and mama in the office. My father used to bring me bread every time he came home from work. I always went to the front yard and took my time eating it. I always say “Lit bantol anto atit” which means to buy bread in the Asset Bakery. I took half an hour for one bread. I would take a small bite and look up to the sky. Then I touch Mommy Lola’s dog (as we call her, as everybody call her Mommy) Tungha and Matahum with my feet and take another small bite. I just enjoyed being there with the dogs, sky, flowers, etc.
Few years later, when my parents decided to find some better place for us to live, we found our priorities have changed. We moved in Tungawan. Papa built a small church there and I enjoyed the feeding program papa did in the village. There, I finished and graduated my elementary and secondary education.
I grew up in a religious home. My family went to church each every special occasion that occurred all throughout the year. We prayed before going to a trip and even before taking our meals. These were well established traditions in our home.
However, as a child I began to recognize that religion to me is more than just a good habit that my family had to develop. If spending time in church could make a person holy, I should have been one of the best little girls in our town.
I was in my 5th grade when mama, knowing that I love music, encouraged me to join the music ministry. Through this involvement, I began to feel so thirsty for something in my life. When a group of musicians came to conduct training at our church, I saw something in them that wanted too. It was just a few months later that, just like the soft ad, I know I had to obey my thirst.
2005 was my first semester in College. Having to learn to live without my parents beside me was a hard thing to do. I was in Gingoog City. I moved into a dormitory which was full of girls. At first I was afraid I may be left alone with no friends but I was wrong. The girls were all kind to me. They treated me like their own sister. We had a lot of fun and it was beautiful.
I passed all the other subjects that I took at my University but I could never pass Mathematics and Botany. This was because I was having a hard time dealing with numbers all difficult for me and I got bored spending several hours a week in the laboratory just look at the cell in the microscope. I could never once saw a cell through a Microsoft. I was concentrating on the beauty of the flowers. My teacher flunked me and I went home with a big flat zero.
In my life, it was just sailing in a vast ocean to the unknown. I passed happy subjects like my success, talents and skills but also delve into painful one. I have my greatest sorrow in life. It’s when our house was burned when I was a teen. But one thing I have learned from my life on my highs and lows is; PAIN means Positive Attitude in a Negative Situations.here's my number 09061987262 and here's my facebook account for more pictures to view it's gegeng eguia or geng.eguia@yahoo.com.

About you

I want to find a man who is God fearing,serious,and honest age doesnt matter to me...
i am ready for a legal relationship i hope youll pick me up

Personal info

Asian, 5'2" (158cm), 112lbs (51kg), black eyes and black hair.

college teacher and a law student
University - Graduated

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Has children:
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Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Non drinker