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lovelyerlyn, 38
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Real Treasure is Hard to find. Build a strong friendship for a lasting relationship.


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 39 to 57 years old for friendship and serious relationship.

About me

What you are looking for here in this site?

For Everybody:

It is just a piece of advice to guys here.

1. If you are looking for something who is meant for you and you want to be treated as human, treat woman as human too. woman are not just for your pleasure. instead of using your wealth to catch attention of your victims, use it for good. Anyway, we have different perspectives in life. It is up to you and you will pay it later.
2.Dont reveal your wealth if you want to find the woman of your dream. your financial stability is an edge but no need to tel it.
3. Know her in different ways.not by asking her to be your friend and you will do something beyond friendship.thats womanizing.
4. by doing such, you are putting mud on your face.
5. Get respect by respecting them to.
6. consider the feelings of others.
7. its up to you whats next step you want.

About me:

I am little bit secretive. I am not revealing all about me here. sometimes people may take adavantage of who you are. i am not a product to be advertised and catch more customer but i am a person which can be valued and treasured for.

I prefered to build a strong friendship before anything else. i didnt accept courting or anything instantly. simple friendship conversation matters a lot and i prefered for it.

If guys here think that all woman getting here in , primarily looking for an instant partner,then you have to think in other way.Me, primarily love to get a long with guys who can share ideas and enjoy substantial conversation and both learn something. If being with one another work toward the next stage other than friendship, why not. if i response to you means i can start conversation with you.

Getting into a relationship is other matters to talk about.I am not secretive with my status but you should know me more for you to decide if it is worth it. you can ask questions about me, and im willing to give an answer. i am not displaying like a flashing diamond.

i am a friend whom you can lean on and may be your hEARt to listen. just be pollite and respectful. everybody deserved it. We are all human of value and worth ,despite of our outward looks or appearance.

The saying goes"No man is an Island" thus, we need others to interact with, to listen with, to cry with and talk about what we gone through in everyday. I believe that everyone who is here in this site is looking somebody to be with for the rest of their life. Most of us here had been through a relationship but doesnt succeed. so whats the matter making it that way?

This is just my opinion and how i look at things around and how romantic realtionship work.
Lets take a look, no big things in this world that doesnt begin with the small one. Now, getting a lifetime partner is very complex thing to do and to build. But if we look at it in the positive way, it is possible.

Therefore its best, if we look for a partner who is our friend, best friend,a lover a husband and a partner. Each one love to spend life with him or her alone till the end.

As we know each other, get to know, not be so hurry to jump into the BIG ONE that we WANT because it can be destroyed easily even by a very simple test we encounter if it is not well structured and detailed. Hope you get my point.

Life is too short for us to live in a fool. LETS LIVE with LOVE,CARE and happiness as we grow old. Lets build a strong relationship that we dont need others to talk to instead looking after each other to discuss matters about us. Nothing in this world is perfect, but we can make it almost there if the two of us is open and willing to listen to each other. i wont make it more longer...just see u and have a happy conversation ahead.GOOD DAY!😊

About you

A person who are always willing to put his heart in anything that he does. a person who knows the value of each individual.a person who value himself.He who can relate to others not just by physical but by heart. he who is willing to listen and accept others.He who is a true human.he who knew the value of others around him.

Personal info

Asian, 5'3" (161cm), 121lbs (55kg), athletic, brown eyes and black hair.

ask me.
Bachelors Degree
Christian - Catholic

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