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Real Treasure is Hard to find. Build a strong friendship for a lasting relationship.


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 39 to 57 years old for friendship and serious relationship.

About me

What you are looking for here in this site?

For Everybody:

It is just a piece of advice to MY READERS.

1. If you are looking for your the ONE ,treat everyone with dignity as you treat yourself. The way you treat anyone else is a reflection of yourself. Woman are not for mans pleasure but she makes you whole and VICE VERSA.
2. Real one are not opt to your earthly wealth but to your heart and purity of spirit.
3. Financial stability is an edge but no need to show it. Theres the right time to reveal it.
3. Believe in friendship is the way toward the next step of your journey. whatever it should be.
4. Be the man of passion and feelings for others. take courage to be unselfish.
5. Respect be gets Respect.Love be Gets LOVE.
7. Learn to learn the feelings of others.
8. Plant what you wanted to reap at the end.
9. Its up to you whats next step you want.

About me:

I am little bit secretive. I am not revealing all about me here. sometimes people may take advantage of who you are. i am not a product to be sold and catch customer to gain profit.I am human of the same value and dignity.

Building a strong friendship is an Art of a long lasting relationship. Allowing one as the mirror to reflect impurities and giving each and everyone a chance to fix impurities turning you into an amazing individual.

I am not a fortune teller who knows what is ahead of me.I am just open to all possibilities about friendship, love, romance,life here and beyond.

Basically people who are here are searching something.well, whatever it is, no one knew it other than you unless you reveal it the way you do.

I am basically get interested in relating people. I wonder the wonders of how brains work. I am so fascinated the way people interact,see things and wonders.

If you are one.Lets talk and share.the more we share the more we learn about anything around us.the more we relate the more we understand each other.the deeper the foundation the stronger any relationships are built.

Lets put our minds open and allow new things to fill in. Feel free to express who you are and i am more than willing to accept your reality and lets findout how we relate symbiotically.

The saying goes"No man is an Island" thus, we need others to interact with, to listen with, to cry with and talk about what we gone through in everyday. I believe that everyone who is here in this site is looking somebody to be with for the rest of their life. Most of us here had been through a relationship but doesnt succeed. so whats the matter making it that way?

This is just my opinion and how i look at things around and how romantic realtionship work.
Lets take a look, no big things in this world that doesnt begin with the small one. Now, getting a lifetime partner is very complex thing to do and to build. But if we look at it in the positive way, it is possible.

Therefore its best, if we look for a partner who is our friend, best friend,a lover a husband and a partner. Each one love to spend life with him or her alone till the end.

As we know each other, get to know, not be so hurry to jump into the BIG ONE that we WANT because it can be destroyed easily even by a very simple test we encounter if it is not well structured and detailed. Hope you get my point.

Life is too short for us to live in a fool. LETS LIVE with LOVE,CARE and happiness as we grow old. Lets build a strong relationship that we dont need others to talk to instead looking after each other to discuss matters about us. Nothing in this world is perfect, but we can make it almost there if the two of us is open and willing to listen to each other. i wont make it more longer...just see u and have a happy conversation ahead.GOOD DAY

About you

A person with compassion for others, benevolent of what he can share to others, real and not afraid of committing mistakes,he recognizes it, because as he does it, he is willing to fix and make a big difference of himself and be able to influence and creat anyone a better person in the end.

Personal info

5'3" (161cm) and athletic.

ask me.
Bachelors Degree
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Yes (Lives with)
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Non drinker

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