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Nothing promised. Nothing expected. No regrets. Read My Profile Completely


  Anytown (ANYSTATE), United States

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 30 to 55 years old for friendship, networking and more.

About me

I'm full of surprises. I am also moody, bull headed, very opinionated, I rarely change my mind and I tend to say the wrong thing with the best of intentions, I am somewhat over sexed (like most guys) I have a roving eye and I sometimes act before I think. I don't smoke and drink alcohol very little. I am a big flirt but that is just for fun. I like to laugh, I am NOT simple and not fearful of anything. I am maybe spiritual but not religious. There is much more but these are my good points.

Keep reading if you can handle me or if you are just laughing so hard you have to know what I am saying next.

However, I have a good sense of humor which makes me say the wrong things sometimes. I don't take life seriously because it's too short. l live every day like its my last and my worst day ever was wonderful considering the alternatives. I usually don't care what unimportant people think, I am sure you know who they are. I work hard every day and rarely take a day off, including weekends and holidays.

A relationship has to happen on its own, naturally, without human intervention. It will happen eventually if people stop trying to force the issue. I am looking for ladies who peak my interest so that some sparks may grow to who knows where. If you build something fast it will come crashing down, if you build it slow it will last a lifetime.

About you

Be careful if you don't want to play games. Life is a game and we all seek the finish line.

First of all, age is just a number but I like women who are age appropriate for me, either in the number of years or mental state. hopefully both ;)

Are you really serious all the time? Well, try this...relax a little and enjoy life.. stop and smell the roses, just be silly for a few minutes then we can solve the world's problems together. Enjoy every day like its your last on earth. Dream like you will live forever.

There are two kinds of ladies I am interested in. A good girl I can be bad with or a bad girl I can be good with. Which one are you? I don't want a boring lady. Are you willing to try new things? Jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

You should be adventurous, like surprises, very open minded and like to live life to the fullest. Ask yourself if you want to live or just exist?

I have met some scammers here, some really nice and interesting. If that is you don't go away but please make your pitch entertaining and different. Put some effort into it Who knows, you may get me in a good mood. Be original in your scam, not the tired old need money, I'm shy to ask can you help ..... blah blah blah. That is soooooooo boring. If you can't do that and simply must ask me for money, you must be able to describe my tattoo starting with its location.

Please say more than just hi. Don't be shy, get out of your comfort zone and write something wild. Stand out in your initial message. If you can't think of something cute to say, say something inappropriate and outrageous. If your a good girl say something bad if that is what you are thinking. If your bad say something nice.

Did you want to swing on a star, carry moon beams home in a jar?

more to come when the mood hits me.

Personal info

Caucasian (White), 6'1" (185cm), 229lbs (104kg), average body type and brown hair.

Philosopher, adventurer, time traveler, psychic
University - Graduated

Has children:
Wants children:
Non smoker
Rarely drinks

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