katt_23, 33
Last online: 4 Mar 2017
katt_23, 33
Last online: 4 Mar 2017

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 32 to 46 years old for romance and serious relationship.

About me

I belong to the future - so where art thou?

For those who are interested, I expect you've already read

my profile. Pls don't try to waste my time for nothing.

If you think you're sincere, true enough to level up to my

expectation/s then that would be nice. Let's chat or leave a

message and I promise to get back to you. :)

And don't ever think that I'm just one of the

many here who's taking every man they encounter as an (ATM)

because I AM NOT.

Getting ready to get settled.

Nice to meet you. My name is Katt.

Here goes add'l highlights of my being:

I'm insane. But don't worry I can act as if I'm not.

I kickass when I'm inspired, driven or motivated. Also works with the opposite. So with that, you can tell that Am good with W.

I drive my heart, mind & soul to where I wanna go.
Though I'm a visualizer, I don't forget to breathe, run or live one day at a time.

I love to take pictures. It's my way of capturing time.

I enjoy the feeling of having a disease (crazy in love). You know when everything else is just a beautiful background of you & the person. It's simply AMAZING when you're sick like that.

I'd like to say that I usually get what I want 'cause am sucha hardworking psycho (graduate). I swim deep for whatever I want. I save up & don't spend much (unless am with Teoping, my dearest beloved mother).

I keep all things that are special & associated with something. Like a letter from a friend/enemy, old receipts from a resto on a special day, bus ticket, sms, pictures, etc. I try to keep my word as much as possible too.

I messed up with my past, now messing up with the present, & looking forward to mess up with what's left. This is how I deal with my life. So don't mess with me.

I've been up & down a couple of times... And I do get tired when my hands are full.
What do I do? I acknowledge, embrace, lol & escape is an open option too.

I have this huge "post-it note" inside my head: NO PAIN, NO GAIN. I always turn to it when I go for a taste of anything serious.

Exploring is in my blood, alone & with friends... The world is our back yard, it won’t stop & pause so I'm out there discovering what it has to offer! There is without doubt a lot more travelling & discovering to be done. Just waiting for the money tree to grow!

I think I'm being cursed to not get a happy ending. At least for now. Whoever is responsible for this, I beg that you release me from this effin stupid spell. hahaha! :))

There might not be a tomorrow but I'm a risk taker & I haven't given up on finding YOU. Que Cera Cera...

Im Katt, the survivor. :D

About you

Someone who will do anything to get my attention and surely for love... (wink!)

A nice young man who can carry a good conversation and can make me laugh is a super plus, plus, plus! ...Saying only hi, hello, asking for my ym or #, wont do you any good (believe me). I need real words...

I'd like to meet someone from the future - if you're from Australia, Europe (France/Italy) or Canada & you can come & visit me, that'll be simply AMAZING!!! :)

Pls upload your pic. I wanna see who I'm chatting with. thanks!

I expect the person I love to be honest and true to me. I don't want to feel the need to be checking up on him, as suspicious thoughts almost never cross my mind.

***Just for the record, I totally dislike nonsense people.***


Personal info

Asian, 5'4" (163cm), 126lbs (57kg), athletic, brown eyes and black hair.

customer rep - DISHNet(before), OnSTAR(at present)
University - Graduated
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Rarely smokes
Rarely drinks

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