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Love is wisdom of thought through pure action in the moment, not just emotions


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 20 years old for friendship, romance, marriage and more.

About me

Today I learn another expression. One person wrote the expression they are limited edition. I think this is wonderful statement. It reminds me like books, we must treat each other with respect even if we do not want to read each others book. Leave the edition in good shape for the person who needs that book to read. Be kind to each person, each special limited edition. That is the least we can do here.

I have heard said possession is 9/10s of the law. In love and friendship,passion & intention are 1/10 and action is 9/10s of the law of love. So, no matter what your feeling, what your emotions, or intentions it will not last the test of time if actions may not carry the bulk of love. Many kind intentions of those I read here and who send messages. I am sorry if I do not answer all.

There are so many kind woman who I think to write, but do not want to open what I may not continue. That is why I have drawn a line in selection of woman other than Christian or Muslim. Many kind and wonderful Christian and Muslim woman here. But, as I have written earlier or what you find alter on in my profile, I believe ones religious path should not be hindered by crossing paths with a mate who has another direction. So, if I do not write or respond, please do not take offense, it may be because I honor your position of your life not to bother you with my path of different direction.

After reading so many profiles, i am truly touched to my heart with the heartfelt seeking I have read from so many kind people. Many times I think to write, but realize I cannot write to everyone. I am truly thankful though for all the giving from the heart women have shared here. If I do not write back to you when you write to me, it is because I am busy and sometimes people also only write Hi or something not telling much about their self. Thanks again to everyone who has taught me more about myself from reading their view of life.

My personality is curious always to learn, to discover, to explore life. It is a joy to be here able to read with open mind all who share from their soul the simplest of requests of needing someone to share life with in detailed profiles with specific requests or requirements. Really, all profiles tell me so much about each person and it is a treasure.

Please if you write do not just say hello. If I write to you and you don't care to share with me, it is OK. I wrote you because I liked something in a smile, something you wrote, or just wanted to reach out and understand more of the personality I sensed, offer encouragement, or give you a little of my character.

I am a simple man, yet one who is quite philosophical about life and relationships. I am a mature man not young boy. I have taken the brunt of defensiveness from woman who have felt the onslaught of testostermoronic malaise of post pubescent gaming bravado. I am not one of those boys. I am a man who believes that sex is a celebration not recreation and at its best procreation of great children to inherit the world of the future.

Life is simple as the seeding of a smile. If you cannot give the world a smile, then maybe go back inside and open the door to the world when you are ready to meet it with the simplest of positive seeds. You will reap more with a heart felt smile than almost anything else other than good deeds.

Oh, how I spend my time?? I listen to music, research on the internet, ponder what little business could become great and how I might help someone develop them into simple income. I meet friends, go to movies and love to walk.

Thank you to all who have given kindness and sweet words even if I have written no further. Great friends can be met here. We can all help to underst

About you

I prefer Buddhist, Taoist, or Atheist woman. Since I am Atheist, I do not think it is good to challenge relationship with difference of religion. I prefer Asian woman. Though I like small woman, woman with bright smile reflecting open and warm heart is first essential. Since I have not been married before, I tend to look for younger woman who has not had family as of yet. I am always open to discover and discuss friendship, relationship, and discovery of what real loving relationships are. If you don't know who you are, please feel free to discover here by reading how others express their needs, wants and desires. At least that is what I do. The more you know the closer you will be to having what you want..

Personal info

Caucasian (White), 6'0" (184cm), 201lbs (91kg), grey eyes and grey hair.

Advisor / Consultant
University - Some

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Not sure
Non smoker
Light / social drinker

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