johnny honest, 42
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johnny honest
johnny honest, 42
Last online: 46m ago

Serious in Cebu.


  Cebu City, Philippines  [ show map ]

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 27 years old for serious relationship.

About me

I have moved to the Philippines after visiting many times.
I intend to stay forever so I want a forever girl.

I am an English gentleman, so of course i need a lady, a girl who is never violent or threatens violence to herself or others and never lies, steals, cheats or is lazy. But also a modern lady in the sense that of course a lady would never look at another persons private things so now days that includes touching a person's phone or computer etc. It's not possible to build a relationship without trust. I would never offer money, because a lady is offended if she is offered money and if not then she is not a lady and I don't want to know her.

I hate pop music, television and computer games
I love classical music, books and sports.

About you

Cute and honest girl, with no work (unless professional level), no kid, no school no bellbell, no Y chromosome, no tattoo, no begging family and no ex bar girl. For lifetime, loving relationship.

I don't mind slim or curvy but i hate fat as it shows no respect for herself, so none for others.

No one is perfect we all make mistakes and i believe in forgiveness of mistakes but that is different from bad character that is fixed and can not be forgiven. What I hate most is back stabbers and vindictive people. Most important of course is a good heart. Think about it. If a girl lies to me about anything even one time then I would never trust anything she said ever again. If she told me that she loved me I would not know if it was true. A relationship is about relating to each other if you lie you are not relating so it's not a relationship.

On poverty. Poor people are poor because they are happy go lucky, therefore they do not plan. I can not change them so I can not rescue them. A foreigner can not rescue your family from poverty. The most he can do is rescue you from your poor, dysfunctional family and then only if he is smart and you are not hard headed.
It is impossible to help your family or they would help themselves, the most you can do is support them. If you want to do that then then stay single get a job and give them money everyday until they die. The only time a foreigner will support your family is short term to get what he wants, or long term if he is stupid and has no foreign friends to explain these things to him. If you really want to marry a stupid and antisocial man and have stupid antisocial kids then keep searching because it's not me. I need a girl who loves me for who I am.

Oh yes and i hate tattoos, body piercings and multiple ear piercings. Hmm and I especially hate people who say "I will do it later." if they don't.
I hope to find a girl who was top of her class or I will soon become bored. Brains and Beauty.

Tess of the d'Urbervilles, an English novel from 1891 caused much debate at the time in England. It is largely about a girl who conceals a pregnancy and child, from a man who loved her. When he found out he lost respect for her. Perhaps the girl hoped that the man would love her and forgive her. However the British Public in the 1890s took the view that he had only fallen in love with the girl who she pretended to be not with who she really was. It is evil to trick a person like that as they will only be in love with the person you pretend to be not who you are.

There are many wonderful people in the world with different personalities and interests and I am flexible about those things. I just need a girl with a good heart and good character.

Personal info

Caucasian (White), 5'10" (179cm), 183lbs (83kg), athletic, green eyes and brown hair.

Masters Degree
Christian - Protestant

Relationship status:
Has children:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
Non smoker
Non drinker

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