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idiom, 31
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i am INTJ


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys of any age for dating, friendship, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

i like to watch movie with 2 genre Thriller and Romance / drama, here the list of my fave.

thriller :
1. Human Centipede
2. The game
3. Gone Girl

Romance / drama
1. Call me by your name
2. you've got mail
3. lunchbox

I would like to write my fave movie until 5 but i couldnt i need time to find more which deserve to be top 5 for each.

I am an INTJ. the most rare type person based on mbti. Am basically do everything by myself, am loner thats how society call me. I dont have social problems am sure about this, i can go blend into bunch people, i have strong intuition, i can smell bullsheet than the bullsheeter itself. :) am rude when am hungry. How to calm down the INTJ person? Tell them if they are right. Thats how to fulfilled their arrogance so quick. The positive side of me : am caring when am care that person and it doesn't need to be my close friend to get my attention. What else.... Am good writer (in my opinion) lol. I always dreaming to write a book of me where i put my self as the victims of bad people. So if i became famous as writer get my book maybe u could be one of the characters. 😂

About you

this is also for myself : your are beautiful, your are worthy, you are perfectly created, you might laying down on bed and feeling useless but someone out there wishing you have good day, no matter how hard your day, be grateful and keep fight because you are the soldier of your own battle life.

note: i try to reply all the emails but u just send me super short email then what am gonna say? plus i dont like reply with have odd name to me, couugarr, handsome, hotman, bla bla. plus i dont think supermodel man stuck on this website . -_- so go away that irrational narcissistic.

updated :
Am going to add after the nonsense above. So have u ever feel like you are not enough to anyone? U dont believe the good things? Isnt because u are pessimistic but u think u know the fact that it would not happen? Am overthiking kind of person and i felt like i need time to discover or at least being mature enough to trust if love is real or any good things is exist. I have thin soul anything can hurt me so easy. I feel am not strong enough now, mentally. Am build my self pieace by piece, i do it for years. So if u know u are about to hurt me, please dont even dare to come. I dont requested much. With love❤️

Ps : i dont expect genius on my inbox but if you asked "whats intj" on first line i will obviously reject it. How could you pick a girl by the online but not even know how to Google what intj is and actually i dont expect you to understand everything. But people who asked that question has biggest possibility have IQ under 100. So bye. 😂

Personal info

Asian, 5'0" (152cm), 115lbs (52kg), average body type, black eyes and black hair.

University - Graduated

Relationship status:
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Willing to relocate:
Not sure
Non smoker
Light / social drinker