ehab abdul • 39
Last active: 22 Feb 2019
ehab abdul
ehab abdul • 39
Last active: 22 Feb 2019

I like to travel alot and meet new people and it's nice to have friends


  Baghdad, Iraq  [ show map ]

I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 18 to 40 years old for dating, friendship, romance and networking.

About me

I am an electric engineer own trading company in Iraq
decent and quiet person but I like to have fun an enjoying life with my friends and i believe that love is the most beautiful thing in the world
i believe in destiny , if you love some one then just set him free, if he get back to you then he will be yours forever but if he didn't get back to you then he wasn't belong to you from the beginning
and wish good luck for all here

listen to that joke to know what you are looking for:

One day in the Garden of Eden, Eve calls out to God, "Lord, I have a problem!"

"What's the problem, Eve?"

"Lord, I know you've created me and have provided this beautiful garden and all of these wonderful animals, and that hilarious comedic snake, but I'm just not happy."

"Why is that, Eve?" came the reply from above.

"Lord, I am lonely. And I'm sick to death of apples."

"Well, Eve, in that case, I have a solution. I shall create a man for you."

"What's a 'man,' Lord?"

"This man will be a flawed creature, with many bad traits. He'll lie, cheat, and be vainglorious; all in all, he'll give you a hard time.

But, he'll be bigger, faster, and will like to hunt and kill things.

He will provide you with companionship and satisfy your desires.

Yet, he'll be witless and will revel in childish things like fighting and kicking a ball about. He won't be too smart, so he'll also need your advice to think properly."

"Sounds great," says Eve, with an ironically raised eyebrow. "What's the catch, Lord?"

"As I said, he'll be proud, arrogant, and self-admiring, you'll have to let him believe that I made him first.

So, just remember: it's our secret. Woman to Woman." :) :)

About you

just be your self, because all the girls are beautiful and its just a matter of who will match you
but i hope to meet kind,sweet,smart and funny girl

Personal info

6'2" (189cm) and athletic.
Has children:
Wants children:
Non smoker
Non drinker
Relationship status:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
University - Graduated