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Healthy and ecologic life: nature, sportivity, adventure, love


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 23 to 42 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

I am from Holland but living partly in south of Spain and november until may in the Philipines.
I am a vegetarian, peaceful, thinking logical on the basis of nature scientific methods. I don't like: to quarrel, and dogs (I prefer the caracter of cats). I like quiet environments, adventure in nature, historical sites and structures, natural shapes and materials (also in house), self sufficiency, recycling, and technical systems with low impact on the eco systems. I am spending money only on true necesary expenses, some useful technical equipment, and traveling. I save a financial reserve to be used in emergency, and as an insurance of my freedom and life in a beautiful natural environment with good company. I do not drive cars; maybe in future an electric one. I am a independent technical engineer with two hands which are able to make allmost anything. Mostly I am busy doing things which really have my interest, or which I just like to do. Only sometimes it yields money. I don't mind because there will be enough for a very nice life. Money just has not the priority in my life.

From my experiences I have concluded that an optimal love life is essential to feel really happy, and that it is a powerful source of energy to do any other thing in a good mood. If love life is not in a good balance, life tends to be miserable and people can elder quickly or even die. In many "civilised" countries nowadays working to earn and buying seem to be the most important in life. But from some cultures, such as in historial India (Tantra), we can learn about the higher values of a good love life, of work as a pleasure and for the essentials, and of recreative activities.

In Holland I have my house and workshop on a nice wooded farm yard, close to the wonderful wetlands Wieden en Weerribben and the famous village Giethoorn in which all transport was by small boats on the canals, until some 60 years ago. It is a perfect location for my activities with kayaks, solar powered boats, food gardening and forestry, ecologic life and -construction. Interested guests are invited with pleasure, even so for a long term life on the farm in some form of cooperation. I often make tours in my country and sometimes across the borders. Especially during the tours, life will be nicest with a lovely mate.

When autumn comes in Holland the mild and sunny climate in Andalucia (south of Spain) is inviting to continu outdoor life. The spacious, quiet and beautiful nature in the Sierra Nevada and Alpujarras make this area highly apropriate for natural and ecologic responsable life. Since over 30 years ago I have lived here some month's every year. I live here in an original old farmershouse at the outher border of a small Morish village, and on a hectare of lovely land with terraces and two creeks with briljant water. There are many trees in many variaties. We do not use fossile energy and water flushed toilets. Electricity for lighting and small equipment comes from solar panels. Cooking and some heating in winter is done with firewood. The environment offers very well possibilities for cultivation (and gathering in semi wild) of food, work on old houses and on new refuges, and to make wonderful walks and longterm tours. For a nice and happy life ofcourse a good social basis is important. Though the contacts with the locals and some newcomers are pretty well, I hope to welcome some lovers of nature, self sufficiency, walking and cycling, camping tours, and .... an enthousiast girlfriend.
Since 2018 I am living in the Philippines from november until may in a similar way.

The most wide known practical things which I have realised are some solar powered boats and the most pure ecologic house in Steenwijk. You can find several links at my portal on internet; search with Google for: Solvir Engineering (at the site choose English). There you will also find the link to my Photo Albums with many foto's of my life and tours during the last years.

About you

I am looking for a woman, mainly to enjoy together more of my natural life: for weeks, half a year or more: a woman who wishes to have an optimal love life, who loves travelling by foot, bicycle, canoe, camping in wild nature, ecological responsible life, and some form of self sufficiency: food gardening, food processing, to make or repair cloth's, tools, etc. And who has an attractive body, long hair, does not smoke, who can also be happy during months without payed work, TV, car, pet or child of her own, shower, household equipment, etc..
I really want to love my mate and to spent much time together. Now I still am very healthy and active and I hope to continue that way for many years. But I do not have family to take care of me when time comes that I need help. For a long term relation I hope to find a woman who is much younger than I am. I would like to take good care of her (also financial) and she might help me to have a pleasant time also at old age. Also I find it difficult to be in love with women of my age: to be in love I need to see and feel the beauty of a young or youthful woman. Especially the view at a lovely smile and long hair makes me very happy. But also she should have a youthful spirit, be active and interested, as I am myself. I would not like it when she goes out for work for long periods. We should take much time to live together in a pleasant way, though also work can give a lot of satisfaction and work will be needed to keep things fine. Won't it be nice to work together about half of the day? Though I like to spent some time with children, I do not intend to live with them for a long time, mainly because I prefer to be free to go on frequent holiday tours and to concentrate on many other interesting aspects of life. Children nowadays have to visit schools for many years, and my lifetime to live in freedom will not last forever ....
I am not exclusively looking for a woman to do everything and always together, and to share living rooms continously, because we will have our own preferences which should not be restricted. Let us share what we both like, and do other things in our own way or with other people. Nevertheless I can temporately functionate rather well in different circumstances during travels or being a guest. And if we have a super click then anything may be possible. And though I am happy in my actual environments, it can be so that you have attractive alternatives, and are involving me into those.

Personal info

5'11" (180cm) and athletic.

University - Graduated
No Religion

Relationship status:
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Willing to relocate:
Not sure
Non smoker
Non drinker