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donduckie, 45
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I am an INFJ-A Man and I have a long profile... you've been warned hahaha 😂


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 28 to 35 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

all these search, it is so tiring.... should I give up? I am really thinking of it.

but it is true.. it is tiring and...

* It is so discouraging being ignored but it is so easy for you to ignore instead of giving yourself some seconds of politeness and say "thank you for your message". You know, someone took a couple of minutes of its time to read your profile and to write you.

* It is disappointing... you know, I can write my own texts, I don't need to copy-paste anything to send you a message.. but it is so easy for some people to answer my message with just two words "copy paste?" as if that were the top of creation of all answers (btw. that's 42)

* it is sad that someone take really time to write a long profile and all what you can find here are profiles with few lost words.

* It is also sad, that because the lack of english and communication, you are maybe missing a good catch, and me, the chance to be happy.

* An almost empty profile is a negative bonus.

Below the line you can read my profile
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I'm a kind-hearted man. Not fancy and not perfect at all. I'm just a normal and simple man. Faithful, gentle, protective, humble, romantic and open-minded... The people who know me say that I'm smart, calm, patient, and a very easy going person and I'm a good listener. Hmm yes, I think I may say that I'm a smart person too, however, sometimes I can be silly as well hahaha but I just enjoy the simple things of life. I speak german, english and spanish.

I'm a christian man but I'm open to know a woman with any other religion.
Respect, Love and Understanding is the key to everything.

I am interested in museums, photography, history, music (modern + classical), books, computers, gaming, guitar, piano, astronomy, science (everything about knowledge in general), cooking, languages, nature, animals and some others things...

about music I listen from classical up to heavy metal, I dislike hip-hop and rap.
I like to watch asian movies. And movies like Lord of the Rings, same as the books I read, which mostly are about fantasy or science fiction. I like tv series like Supernatural and Stranger Things and many K-dramas and J-dramas.

I'm a quiet person, I don't go often to parties. I don't smoke and I rarely drink.. if I do is one or two glasses at the parties in my company. I play guitar and I am wanting to learn piano... if you play piano you already have 5 from 10 points hahahaha just kidding, there is no point scale but i cannot deny that piano is a big plus.

What I can offer you?
Love, respect, trust, caring, understanding, a stable life, to be there for you when you need me, lots of laughing, to be able to hold a conversation... but maybe you already noticed it because my profile is not just one line hahaha

Thank you for taking your time to stop by and reading me.

Wish you a blessed day!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Feb 2018: I just did some personality tests and they say that my kind personality is INFJ-A.. Yep, I am rare type LOL :D

About you

First of all, every big thing starts with a little step :)
Step by step we could build something big! So let's us first be friends and know each other

If you are curious and want to know what I do expect and wish... please go on reading below the line, if not... well, thank you for your time.

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I would like to find someone who loves children and want to have a family. I wish someone with a sweet, "patient" and caring character, someone who is smart but who is not afraid to laugh about silly things. I like if you can be childish sometimes... but please do not overact and try to understand that you are not the center of the universe, neither I am. I believe that you and I, should have our own interests and space, and share all the rest :)

I wish someone with a good sense of humour and understanding. As I love cooking, so I do look for someone, who also loves cooking... cooking together is way more fun :)

That special woman must respect every living being on this planet. I love pets and I have experience with pets having diabetes and seizures. Yes, pets can have diabetes and do they need same insulin as humans. Sadly mostly of all pet's food is full with sugar.

If you can start a conversation or if you are not replying the whole time with one-liner answers, that is a big bonus :) again, please do something for your english! it will open many doors for you.
and btw, I don't care if your english is not good. I can help you, just please try to write more than "hi"

If you have an artistic side in you or if you are an independent woman is a plus.
Also if you don't smoke... and if you drink, well socially drinking is okay, though I rarely drink, even socially.

Again, I'm not interested in one-liner profiles.
A nice photo is fine but without anything to say, it means you don't have anything to share or you are not really interested to find someone for a serious relationship... For your own sake, please put a little more effort. Nothing falls from heaven just because.

I'm not looking for a magazine model... everyone is beautiful in their own way. It is just about the sparks between us what is important to me. Sometimes is a smile..or the way that your eyes look at me. I have friends which really look like models but well.. there are no sparks..
The only physical aspect I would care a little is your height, I would prefer someone that is not *too* smaller than me and also about your weight, I want to carry you in my arms and I am not Mr. Muscles LOL
aaah I almost forgot it, too much make up is a huge turn off. I prefer to kiss a scar than stucco/plaster. That's all..

and btw don't be afraid to write first. We are adults and hopefully looking for the same

Let the sparks fly!

P.S. perhaps you may think I ask too much? but I give much more than I ask

Personal info

Does it matter?
Mixed ethnicity, 5'10" (178cm), 165lbs (75kg), average body type, brown eyes and black hair.

Bachelors Degree
Christian - Catholic

Has children:
Wants children:
Non smoker
Rarely drinks

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