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I Love the Philippines:yahoo:


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 20 to 35 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

I want to make a statement to all the wonderful, helpful Filipino's I have corresponded with over the years here on DIA and Facebook. While most have been a disaster with much heart ache :p ..

A very few of you have change my life in ways you may never know. Example: I had not spoken to my father in 13 years over an argument. After spending a year here learning the love and compassion most all of you have for family, it started weighing heavy on my heart :( . I love all of you that have helped me grow over the past few years now, I have so much love and passion to share with my future Asawa :blushing: thanks to those of you that helped me forgive!

So I traveled 1700k to see my father and put the past behind me. As I walk into his house, It was so quiet you could of heard a mouse "fart" :o

Everything that was argued has been put behind us, and we are happy family again!!


Family is the most important thing ever, we most spend as much time with them as we can now. You never know when its gonna be the last time you see/chat with them, life is quick and without remorse..

I hear so many stories about encounters you all have here and I want to say, I DON'T want you for the night! I DON'T want you for a weekend/holiday! I'm only interested in having you for a LIFETIME!

I've been a victim here of lies. not at all interested in this game!! :no: Go to next profile!!

Life is to short to hold grudges and regrets, We must live it to the fullest but do it without harm to others. with that being said: (scammers, liars and posers not welcome here!! :no: )

I believe your past is just that, Your Past!! I would never judge anyone of their past.

When I see your profile on here and I like what you have written I may leave a short message of interest or a message related to your profile. if I am not in your preference of age no worries, I may send message for friendship, but If I don't hear from you, I get it!!

Physically you maybe the simplest girl in the back of the room but there has to be that certain spark or something about you that I find charming.!!! :w00t:

☕I am looking to find a life Partner, then soon meet in person. Though I am not perfect. I will try to never hurt your feelings, I don't cheat. I am not vulgar or rude.!

I love to take lots of photo's and I enjoy sharing/exchanging photos together but keep it clean, not interested in anything vulgar..! I'm not quick to fall in love, so let's be friends and see if we have chemistry. If there is no chemistry we both know it won't last..! But Maybe we will find that our spark is a gift from our Lord.☕

"MY COMPUTER IS ON 24/7, so if I don't reply, I'm not ignoring you, I'm most likely not here...! or maybe just don't fell that spark.!

I am a hard working man, God fearing, I'm a man young at heart and very healthy, (Sometimes you have to let the inner child out to play). My friends tell me that I am intelligent, affectionate, sensitive, very compassionate to the one I love, and honest. I am career minded.

What I enjoy most is you by my side while we horse back riding, fishing, hunting, camping, swimming, beaches, exploring, or mountain climbing, tending to our Veggie garden, Rose garden, scuba diving or chasing my sweetie in the garden :D last but not least cooking with my partner is always the most fun and most adorable to me..!!(I'm a pretty good cook too) :wub:.

I would enjoy having a small hobby farm to provide for our family there in Philippines one day :). If its got to do with out doors I love it.

I cook most all my meals I like healthy eating, exercise, and staying fit. I'm shooting to live well beyond 100 (I can dream)

About you

"With all online encounters, it seems long and dreadful but its a crash course in life. We meet so few in everyday real life compatible to us!!

So I look at life like this "a real" train wreck... ( this was a dream I had so it's not easy to put into words, but here go's)

Think about this: We are all stuck on a train that just derailed and wrecked so now we are waiting for help to rescue us, and there are hundreds of people on the train.

We help the wounded, comfort the sad, converse with the scared, calm the elders... all the while I need some medical attention, and warm comfort for myself but I stay calm for the others!.

Then out of no where, this unknown silhouette enters (the light is behind her, her hair flow like silk in a slight breeze, I can only see her outline) she walks into my sight, :blink: I lock my eyes full focus to her face.. but I can not fully see her face..

Suddenly from the right passenger window as she passes I see her face for the first time she is like nothing my heart has ever seen before...

Oh so warm.. yet calm, this person is just so... ahhhh ^_^ beautiful in the way the wind blows your hair back as you walk towards me, you notice the way I react as you approach me,

seeing me looking at you for it's the first time I've ever laid eyes you..!
Our eyes lock for a second (feels like hours.... :wub: )

Without any notice my knee's feel weak as if they are going to fail me, then my heart rate hits unsafe levels and I just "melt".... :w00t:

Welcome to DIA my love! I will find you, if not here.. I will when I move there to stay..!! :lol:

My name is Mychael :yahoo: We can write the rest of the story together..!! :p

Personal info

Caucasian (White), 5'10" (177cm), 139lbs (63kg), average body type, green eyes and black hair.

Verizon Wireless Tech
College - Graduated
Christian - Other

Relationship status:
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Light / social drinker

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