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  Unemployed And Broke
diablo0975 • 43
  Unemployed And Broke
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I like my oatmeal lumpy 😋


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A couple of my photos

I'm here to

I'm here to meet 99 year old girls for friendship, networking and more.

About me

Not sure what to write or how to describe myself without sounding like I'm full of it haha but let's see ummm..(thinking)
I got nothing
Wait ..ok hi ladies ..your Prince has arrived!
No no..that's horrible
Cowboy looking for a cowgirl yeehaw!
Lonely guy here ..(as if!Makes me sound needy)
Oh,about myself?
Well ,it all began at 3Am September 12,1975..(ahh what a day to be born before the day Tupac died
No ..wait too long .The short version?Ok here we gooo.
I guess I consider myself ordinary.(boring maybe? Hehe )
I don't travel to exotic places around the world (except Canada and Mexico .Hawaii but that's a US state hah).I'm not wealthy,I don't eat exotic foods.I'm happy with cup ramen or street tacos or street food .I don't consider myself "highly intelligent" but I've gotten to my 40s when I never thought I'd see 40 so I feel I've been intelligent enough to at least survive.I have many friends but I can honestly say I keep to myself most of the times.I may not be the most handsomest man on here.(but my mom thinks I am and that's all that matters!)
I heard women love a man that can cook(I can burn some mean toast .Don't believe me?Ask my neighbors how many times they heard my smoke alarms)
I can talk about almost anything.I like trying new things (Ehh..except for balut.Still iffy about that
To be continued....

About you

Hmm I don't know surprise me?I love surprises .
(just don't surprise like put a spider in my shoulder or something messed up like that)
Not really currently looking for anything serious at the moment.(But I am open to anything if the right person comes along :) )
I consider myself very easy going and friendly.If youre gonna leave rude or insulting comments then dont bother messaging me at all

Personal info

Does it matter?
6'0" (184cm) and average body type.
Unemployed And Broke
Has children:
Wants children:
Rarely smokes
Rarely drinks
Relationship status:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
College - Some
Christian - Catholic