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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 22 to 33 years old for dating, friendship, romance, marriage and serious relationship.

About me

My ultimate goal is to marry and make my wife happy, raise a family and create many good times and opportunities out of life. To keep learning new things and always improve my surroundings and to better myself and the lives of those I love with my creativity. But I do like fun as well as responsibility. I would like to travel with my loved one and see new places and enjoy good times also. A full and rewarding life is a mixture of good fun and a strong sense of responsibility.

I like classical music and contemporary music. I like to paint though I am terrible at it. I have two crazy cats. I live a relatively simple life. I enjoy reading and watching tv. I enjoy cycling also. I work hard when at work and I relax just as hard when I am not :) I enjoy reading science and philosophy and am trained in both from university - i have a science degree and a masters in philosophy. I have travelled to many countries throughout europe and america and many cities...Paris, Montreal, New York, Chicago...and so on...

I am hoping to find a companion and partner to share my future with in fairness and equality. I know how to look after myself and I am not looking for a mother or a slave. I do not like games in or out of a relationship - there is no room for game playing in my life. A good and long standing relationship begins with friendship, and that requires time. Mutual consideration is important to me. If you are interested don't be a stranger and let me know. Love comes easily if the heart is willing.

I have been let down a few times. People say they like what I want but ultimately they don't really want it. I am not here to find a woman with children that needs help, or someone who needs entertainment for a while. I feel for their predicament, but I am looking for a family of my own. And on a number of occasions been told one thing, only to discover it is not genuine. On this website being careful is important, but even more so, when you meet someone you like, they have to be choosing the same direction as me. Not just looking for entertainment when their life is bad. I hope everyone on here finds what they are looking for. But before you message me - are you really traveling in the same direction, looking for the same things? Or does it just seem like a way out or a relief from a bad situation? The same could be said from me to you.

But I am not perfect. Who is? It is important to have that companionship. That is what keeps a relationship going. It means being able to talk and listen and have conversations.Good luck to all.

About you

She should be honest, want children in her future and want to travel and have some fun. She should be a woman with a kind heart and she should have a desire to marry eventually and be married for the rest of her life. She should want for a fair relationship, a partnership. I can provide a home, I can be a loving boyfriend and husband, I can be an honest companion and a sincere friend. I am looking for similar qualities in my woman.

Personal info

5'8" (172cm) and slim.
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