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each has more- than skin deep. \(/^_*\)/


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys and girls 18 to 42 years old for friendship and more.

About me

To start up, I am really here to have free talking to anyone who would also like to talk with anything might be serious or crazy ones its fine with me! \(^_^)/ especially when you are in your scare-crow time hehehe I mean freetime just feel free to crash in my inbox. :)
However talking about anything -but still with the thought of distinguishing a fine line between interesting/knowledge- gaining and that fatal stuff- I guess or I hope you know what i mean :) (unless you are willing to take risk of permanently shutting your account whenever the site is enable to sniff something fishy hehe. . :) ) just being mindful. :)
Feel free to open any topic to start up coz yeah honestly I feel kinda shy ;( however best part from that we could exchange different sides of the stories. My opinion your opinion. I also ask consideration if ever I dont know the topic please dont be discourage maybe its because I am not well travelled or inexperienced or really null- no idea at all.That is why I kindly ask you to educate me :) or dont reply at all or might as I apologize beforehand, if ever you drop by and i dont reply please dont hate me - I just dont know how start up with you or dont know how to handle you. My outmost respect thank you for the drop. :) and i hope you dont get angry and irritated easily or very strict please because I tend to be afraid on that thought.
Well looking forward for a good conversation. thank you! :)


***Hovering at this part,
As you are also checkin my profile eventually because you got curious 0r even bothered or irritated on who is this sneeky dropping by . . . 8)
--my apologies if ever you got to see my photo in your visitor section it might be, it might be- i accidentally pressed on your profile coz sometimes phone gets too laggy and thats when problem comes along.
well then. . . take care! \(*_*)/ you can go and dont scroll down anymore. :) (wink)

***actually for revision and still at this point of"thought composition". (Vast thoughts bound to compilation) \(*_•)/

Personal info

Bachelors Degree

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