bombadil1977 • 63
Last active: 6 Jun 2018
  Physician and Lawyer
bombadil1977 • 63
  Physician and Lawyer
Last active: 6 Jun 2018

Interesting man! :wub: Don't bother me if you have babies! :yes: 419, then 999, and maybe more...


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 55 to 69 years old for dating, friendship, romance, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

I'm a very nice man of substance, interesting to talk with! sk.i.p and weixin bombadil1977. Impress me with your integrity and warmth!I enjoy science and the arts. I love scuba diving, cooking, and my brothers & sisters. I love fitness activities as well as rock'n'roll & chamber music, orchestra & opera. I want to go my own way, maybe with someone willing to make a new way together!

"Serious" is suitable for shopping for property and for buying insurance, not suitable for determining if two people are a good match. I am not at all frivolous, but do not press me about being "serious" just because I want to see if we can communicate. If you do press about this topic, we will not get along I fear.

I prefer to read real words and not text-speak.

I am a physician and I am now graduated from law school.

I do not display myself on camera to strangers..(at least not until/unless I feel comfortable with you) So please do not insist :) :yes:

About you

I want to meet women who are at minimum 50 only. I do not want to have children nor am i interested in women who are mothers with children at home. I hope to meet a woman to have dual-income-no-kids together. Please do not underestimate the complexity of a relationship! Please do not be so trivial by saying things about "marriage" when we are only beginning acquaintance together. :lol:

If you do not mention my profile when you message me, I will ignore your message.

I am sure that I would rather enjoy a fun life alone than be with an unenjoyable, self/ego-centered, regularly-complaining, narcissistic, "entitled princess", who is overly self-important. :wacko: In this modern day 21st century of financial equality, I do not understand any obsession about "marriage". :) A long-term relationship is very important to me, and you must be willing to meet me halfway in every way.

I want to meet an interesting woman of substance with integrity, creativity and reciprocity! :thumbup:

If you are interested, you must send me an interesting message! Don't just say "hi" or I'll probably ignore it. I need real words!! Writing in "text-speak" is too much work, and not interesting. :yes:

Personal info

5'10" (177cm) and a few extra kg / pounds.
Physician and Lawyer
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Non smoker
Non drinker
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Not sure
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