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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls of any age for dating, friendship, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

Can we skip the "How are you?"-ish questions? My cat doesn't allow me to reply to those kind of questions.

Useful information for women in the "about you" section

About me
I've spent about 2.5 y in China, and I visited the Philippines l]ast year[/b (Panglao & Puerto Princesa) and really liked the beautiful beaches, but haven't learned how to use the bidets properly. Looking forward to visiting again some day, but want to live the local life and avoid the touristy places. I still have plenty of countries left to visit in Asia. Even though I'm a bit geeky, I love going to the gym and have a strong body. I'm family oriented, although I care more about creating my own family with wife/kids/fluffy-pet-army.

I'm an atheist, and don't believe in (your) god.
If you're curious to know why, I'm willing to explain my lack of belief in a friendly respectful way. I really care about the truth, and I'm willing to listen to why someone thinks that I'm wrong. However, I would prefer a non-religious partner.

My biggest passion
I'm quite passionate about science.
We are just a speck, on a speck, orbiting a speck, in the corner of a speck, in the middle of nowhere... We've always thought that humans were the center of everything, but we've could never be more wrong. The mass of the earth is only 0.000003% of that of the solar system, and the sun is only one star out of 300 billion in our Milky Way Galaxy. Milky Way is simply one out of 1-2 trillion galaxies. How amazing is that? 😁

About you

Information about men
We men are close to animals, we're trying to be the strongest one out there and get all females we can. Some of us actually have enough brain power to control this behavior and become more of a social and nice person. Plenty of us men are trying to use sweet words and (fake) promises to persuade you. Sweet words and promises are super easy to make, and if one of us says he likes you, there's a big chance he is lying. While our words might be sweet, it's harder to control our behavior. So if you want to know if one of us is really into you, look at our behavior. Remember: only use your heart after you've thoroughly used your brain. If not, you're likely to get hurt.

Don't be a woman that needs a man, be a woman a man needs. So stop only thinking about what you want, and think about what you have to offer. A lot of us men are superficial, but the serious ones would want to partner up with a best friend with a bit of heart mixed into it.

And if you're looking for your other half, then reconsider becoming whole while being single. If you're someone who needs someone else to feel complete, then you're doing something wrong. You'd be the weak and wounded antelope, and about to get eaten by the lions.

What do you think that love is? Is it the feeling of butterflies, or is it more similar to a tree?
I would say that it is like a tree. It starts fresh (i.e. feeling butterflies), but can be easily destroyed. It needs a lot of sunlight, nourishment and TIME for it to grow into this very big, strong tree with long deep roots. After that, it can even survive the biggest storms. The freshness will fade, the intimacy will get dull... So I would recommend everyone to find a partner which will also be their best friend.

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5'11" (180cm).
Wants children:
Non smoker
Non drinker
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Bachelors Degree
No Religion