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Last online: 28 Dec 2017
adventure_guy • 37
Last online: 28 Dec 2017

the mountain comes to you


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 30 years old for dating, friendship and networking.

About me

Busy world just kept on turning,
Everyone was rushing by,
By a turn of fate, that morning,
Suddenly you caught my eye.

You were spacing out, and
Twirling hair with your hand.
"You are daydreaming, no less.
What about? Do confess."

You replied what's on your mind:
"Meeting somebody online.
Do you know what are the chances
That I'd meet someone I fancy?"

You went on about the kind
Of the guy you'd like to find.
List of qualities you need,
I must say, was long indeed...

"Handsome, smart, polite, secure,
Independent and mature,
Confident, inspires trust,
Sense of humor is a MUST."

"Cheerful, energetic, fit,
He has charm and he has wit,
Stimulating conversation
Pretty much is guaranteed."

"Nothing ever gets him down,
His willpower is renowned.
He'd stand up for me, if need be,
I feel safe with him around."

"He's perceptive, and it shows,
If I'm sad, he'll know what's missing,
He can cheer me up, he knows
When to speak and when to listen."

"His deep voice and soothing words
Always strike the proper chords.
He can serenade a song
On my heart strings all night long."

"He is held in high esteem
By his friends, and it would seem,
If he won't come to the mountain,
Then the mountain comes to him."

"He's adventurous and daring,
He can tackle any task,
Also, he would not be married,
If it's not too much to ask."

Suddenly, like stormy clouds
Block away the summer skies,
Pessimistic cloud of doubts
Dimmed the sparkle in your eyes.

You lamented, that it seems
These are all just pointless dreams,
That an awesome guy like this,
Probably does not exist.

If you knew me well, you'd find,
I'm a very humble kind,
But in your case I decided
To be frank and thus confided... I smiled and took your hand:
"Don't despair, my charming friend.
Know, your fate is near by,
Simply put, I AM that guy..."

Personal info

5'7" (169cm) and athletic.

Masters Degree

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