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  Vehicle Saftey Inspector
Zig4ya • 39
  Vehicle Saftey Inspector
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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 38 years old for friendship and serious relationship.

About me

I love music. I play guitar, sing, DJ mix and sometimes hand drum. I also love dancing and I am a fire poi artist. I love traveling and I've been to many countries all over the world. Next new places on my list is New Zealand and Austrailia. I would go back to many others too! England, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Isreal, Philippines, and Japan to name a few. Such amazing countries!

I enjoy seeing art, buildings, museums, churches, live music, and anything with nature.

I'm very down to earth and spiritual. I don't believe in one religion but I believe all religions have truth and lies. The Yin and Yang is real. I believe there are many God's and Goddess's. I will never judge anyone or think any less of anyone for what they believe. I have been to many different types of ceremonies, studied many religions and I still feel like I barely know anything. So much to learn.

I do believe that bacteria, fungus, and mushrooms are the first living things on this planet. With out them we would not have air to breath, fertile soil for plants to eat and animals to share this planet with. Their network is so old and humanity has a lot to learn yet from them. Just cause for the most part we can't see them, they are there, on our hands, in the air we breath, on the screen your reading this on does not mean they are powerless. No matter how bad humanity destroys this planet the mushrooms can fix it with enough time. Even if it means making humanity extinct and they have that power, don't forget.

I also like Astrology and Numerology. Not always what Astrologers say cause they are just human. I do believe the stars, planets, moons, black holes, etc can have a effect on us here on earth in so many ways. I think a lot about how much everything in this universe is connected.

There is so much to learn in this life and so much to see/do/hear/taste. I can't wait to meet some new friends to enjoy it with. I am also looking for a life long partner to have children with. I know I'm not too old as I have a young heart and good genes.

I believe opposites attract. I'm not looking for someone with all the same interests as me or the same characteristics. I want a partner that together with me we make a great team. When you can't decide and think about it too much, my spontinous nature will get us on the go but at the same time you help me to stop and think things through. I'm not good at language and I am really good with numbers/science. haha. hint, the list goes on.

If you are still interested in speaking with me. Tell me when your birthday is?!?! So I know you read this all and so I can get a vibration if we are compatable.

I will answer everyone who tells me...Even if we are not a match. I am always honest even when the truth hurts.

Best of luck!

About you

Honest and caring. Someone who is open minded and can view things from different points of view without judgement. Must like music, dancing, traveling, camping and exploring.

Personal info

5'9" (174cm) and athletic.

Vehicle Saftey Inspector
College - Graduated

Relationship status:
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Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Light / social drinker

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