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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 35 to 50 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

!! To the special guys and ladyboys - please do not send messages !!
I have nothing against you. I just do not feel like you. And that is probably a prerequisite for closer contact

I only like to com in contakt with girls/ladys/womens!

I love Dancesport and would like a partner who can dance already or would like to learn to dance. I have all the educations and patience. We dance together Discofox, Slow waltz, Viennese waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Rumba, Salsa, Jive, Foxtrot, Slow Foxtrot, Samba, Tango, Bachata, Quickstep, West Coast Swing, Tango Argentino, Boggie and some more...

When dancing, both sides must strive to become a harmonious couple. This can even work without speech. This effort is the basis for an incipient partnership. So how far you can get with it is up to your will and your ability to ask yourself questions. Is the other side still attractive even when no common opinion is possible. Can trust become so strong that mistrust has no chance. This is usually decided in the first few seconds, but it must be allowed to solidify and this can mean "work".

A woman who loves the sea and travelling, as well as working in a team with the same goal. The aim is to combine leisure, maritime sports, culinary temptations, dancing and autogenic training in a mix of holidays and courses in such a way that guests do not want to go home again.

No matter how well trained you are, if you think positively, you will see your chance to develop your strength. In a team, every position is important. Cook, accountant, service, dive guide, marketing etc..... We are a team with the same goals. Our personal common goals do not depend on it. But the happiness of the individual makes everyone more balanced. It makes us happier. Our guests feel this and make everyone happier. This makes the work feel less like work......... mmh just a little bit ;)

Friendly people around me makes me happy, but do not like drinking atmosphere. A special festival is ok.

... and I have several proffesions.... Dance teacher is only an activity of pleasure.

I like to be active, ....
But like also to here music or quiet peaceful environment, with reading, listening, writing books, solve of professional challenges, talking, watching the sea and enjoying life. I'm happy to be creative in art & harmony and also innovative technology. I have many work and freetime interests and likes to enjoy them in care.

This I also wish the women on my side...
Whether you want to make something from it, or my thoughts and activities even more perfect, I do not know. I do not know you yet.

Maybe you're a woman who just wants to be a woman. If we can harmonize, this can be just right. We both must be satisfied with our lives and not be bent on other opinions. I can not rate what is better. It must work and have allways the right feeling.

See you....

....often online, but not always on PC. My PC works for me....

About you

I have no constricting search profile. I consider every person with the sum of its properties. There are people who have few opportunities for an attractive discussion, but a loving, benevolent vibe. Other people have great impact on the lives, but, with their high serious claim further from the meaning of life. Each person is a unique composition. Which combination fits also decides the moment. Our chemistry has to be right for both sides, it's ok.

I`m very sorry i have to write this.....

A "Hi" or "hello" you say, if you pass by the bus driver. I`m not busdriver. Your answer to me should say something more. What is important to you? Write to me how you imagine your life.Please add a few more letters, that would be nice. That's a very kind request.
.... of course, these words can deter. I would rather call out to the women that they can achieve more with courage to say more words.

There is no information in many profiles. A nice picture alone is too little.

Yes I know that it is unusual in Asia,...... but I am European and I am interested in the person who writes to me. Maybe I'll skip a boundary...... This will happen in people with different backgrounds. If we talk about this openly, it can only be good. This will make you more interesting than others.

May be you need translator help? Use www.babelfish.com or Thai www.aw6.de
These translation tools work best with simple sentences. Divide the sentences always with a period. The program needs grammar rules. Missing the point will get wrong results. Good luck

You're welcome!

Personal info

Caucasian (White), 5'7" (171cm), 165lbs (75kg), blue eyes and blonde hair.

Christian - Protestant

Relationship status:
Has children:
Yes (Doesn't live with)
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Non smoker
Rarely drinks

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