Sweetybelle_Eunice, 32
Last online: 3 Jul 2017
Sweetybelle_Eunice, 32
Last online: 3 Jul 2017

:):):) I'd rather be despised for my character than be liked for my lack of it.. :):):)


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys from 30 to 50 years old for dating, friendship, romance, marriage, serious relationship and more.

About me

Who am I? Confronted by the phrase, it made me pause and think for a while. Frankly speaking, its hard to describe my inner-self. And right now as I write this, I feel ike I'm in a twilight zone. It felt like I am being transcended into a horizon, so vast I could hardly grasp the thought. But slowly I was able to get hold of the thought.

I am a cheerful person, sensitive but rational. Although there are times other individuals cannot and will not fully understand my inner-self. I gave them the honor in doing so. I love to make people laugh but in a humane manner. I can still wear a smile even if in dire consequences. That means to say that I sometimes hide my thoughts and feelings I'd rather be sient, this of course, not to give the wrong notion of a given situation. But confronted by a fact, and that my opinion calls for it. Then, with a flash I'll give them the most intricate detail of what i believe is supposed to be done and not do at al. To place it simply, i weigh things first before I act. And know what is right and wrong.

I can say that I am a private person. I want to keep things within the humble abode of my parlor. But hey! When people ask for my aid? I would not hesitate to help them through it and make things better for them. I've been through a lot of challenges in life But i was able to pick up the pieces of my broken dreams I walk tall and feel proud I was able to surpass such ordeal. I am a strong person, yet I am also weak. it hurts me when things I want them to be would not be realized. I am afraid to hope it, it will ever come into being. I am an idealistic person and proves everything is a constant change, Nothing's stays the same.

I like challenges, it makes me alive and makes me quench for more. I like to rediscover things. I love to expore my world. And I love to awaken my sense of curiosity. I am a happy person and people would not find it difficult to learn to live me. Yeah, I have ots of acquaintances but I am very particular in choosing friends. And also. I have myself when I am angry. i bet you that, when I am angry people would not like me.

I can be as gentle as a falling feather but I can be as nasty as I want to be. I dont lay down my cards that easy and respect is very important for me. Indeed, it is a noble act.

Whew! I like this! I mean this, revelation made me ask myself things and situations. This, made me look back and stabilize my footing on the ground where I belong. And even made me confront myself. i feel more alive now!.

T wrap it all up. I am an entity, susceptible to imperfections in life. I am only human and I cannot be more human than human. I am, what I am. And I think, therefore i am.

About you

I want to meet a guy whos friendly, kind, fun to be with,faithful and sensitive to other feelings....

Personal info

Asian, 5'2" (157cm), 106lbs (48kg), brown eyes and black hair.

Online Job(VA)
College - Graduated
Christian - Catholic

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Non smoker
Non drinker

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