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  Student (applied informatics/multimedia technique)
Supersporty35 • 38
  Student (applied informatics/multimedia technique)
Last active: 25 Feb 2019

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 18 to 22 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and networking.

About me

Hello dear visitor of my profile,
my name is Bjørn (with a o-slash in the middle of my name), which is an Scandinavian name and means "bear".. It can be also written as Björn, Bjőrn or Bjôrn and it looks very hard to pronounce, but it's very easy to speak.. Listen on the first spoken word at the following link to an audio file, which demonstrates you the pronounce:

My birth is 1980 in the town Rostock /Germany and I'm studying in my now sixth semester "applied informatics" and "multimedia technique" at the university of applied sciences here in Wismar /Germany as the only one remaining student in my study course of former 35 students at the beginning of my study.. My study course name sounds very difficult and it is!! Hardly somebody finishes this study.. But it made a lot of fun for me and after my study I can freely decide where I would like to work.. I know completely how a computer works (hardware and software) and I can build a computer system from single electronic device components, but my study fucusses on software.. So I can write computer programs for execute in a command line console or as a graphical desktop application (with C or C++ programming language).. I also write smartphone apps (with Java programming language for Android platform) and microcontroller programs (in C or Assembly language) for execute in a embedded system for example in automotive.. I can create websites in different scripting languages like HTML, XML, CSS, PHP.. I have skills in Linux operating system administration and I also administrate great computer networks.. I work also with Database-Systems (e.g. PostgreSQL).. In short; during my study I deal primarily with software, which include to process audio-, graphic-, video- and control/monitor/steering-processing by software..
But my study include hardware (electric and electronic) also.. So I have skills to develop electronic circuits and build up electronic devices.. For my family members, my friends and my neigborhood I repair defect electric and electronic devices like microwave oven, tv, vacu cleaner, smartphone, notebook or pc, radio and others.. I have also a amateur radio license to contact other ham radio operators in far countries all over the world in different modes like telegraphy aka morse code, voice and digital modulation.. Software and Hardware are one of my many hobbies.. But I have also skills in metal and
wood working, because I have worked a while as a plumber and after a eigth years phase as a technican Germany navy soldier on many different German warships I worked also as a rope access climper in great attitude on different buildings..

During my study I'm living here in Wismar near the baltic sea and next to my birth town Rostock, which is only about 5o kilometers away from my study town Wimar, so I can see my family very often.. My parents life in Rostock and my younger brother, which is my only one sibling, live also there.. He is studying the study course "business administration" at the university of Greifswald /Germany to get his diploma.. For my free mobility I have a drivers license, so that I don't depend on the train.. :) I have no income in my study time, but I earn a little bit money in a few high schools as a docent or lecturer to teach schoolboys and -girls mostly in programming (informatics), mathematics and electronic (physics), but also in chemestry, astronomy and geography.. I'm visiting events with technical relation, like congresses, and sometimes I'm holding a presentation to a technical topic..

About you

I want to meet a asiatic girl (filipina preferred) which has a slim body, long black hair, dark eyes and is in an interval of 18 < age < 25 years.. I have a distinctive phobia against wearers of glasses, I'm sorry!! You should be a simple, honest, good, faithfull girl with fun to talk and ready to merry me in a future time..

In my life I have visited many European countries, but I was never before in Asia, respectively the Philippines.. One day I would like to visit anyway the Philippines, because the people are very friendly there and I want get to know my hopefully lifelong girlfriend in the Philippines.. This girlfriend will be my first one I ever had.. I think the reason why is, that I don't visit Bars, Discos, Concerts and other public fun events alone to get to know a girl there.. The main reason why I have still single status is, that I'm very very shy in the real life.. I never go to cute looking girl to get to know her and I expect the girl come to me, but my claims are quite high!! But don't feel deterred.. I'm glad very much about your message and I also answer this with pleasure, if you fit in my searching pattern.. ;)

My other great hobby is sport, so I go out to use every free minute in the summer, but it would be much nicer with the right girlfriend.. I have many different sporty hobbies in depend of the weather and my likes and perhaps we have one same sport hobby.. In the running sport category I'm doing sometimes marathon with a distance of about 42 kilometers.. More often I'm doing orienteering in the woods with map and compass.. But very often in this category is ARDF - Amateur Radio Direction Finding.. It's called fox hunting here, but there is not really a fox to hunt.. In the woods are five hidden mini-transmitters (the foxes), whitch the runners have to find with their receivers.. It made a lot of fun, because I get mostly the first or the second place.. :D In the alps I have fun with long-distance-speed-alpine-hiking.. I take back 3o kilometers a day, with "via-ferrata" along my hiking path.. I climb "via-ferrata" till the highest difficult degree E.. But I'm doing also sports climbing in a 12o meters high rocky wall till the difficult degree VII of XI, which is climbing lightly over head.. Here at the German coast I'm doing also water sport.. I go swimming, or sailing.. But my favourite is windsurfing, when I'm doing water sports.. In the winter and when there are is enough snow here and hills in the near I'm doing snowboarding.. Otherwise, if there are no hills, I have fun with cross-skiing.. I also go winter swimming at a water temperatur with a few degree over 0 °C for about 1o minutes.. It's cool to feel the warm skin atfer the bath.. ;) My absolute favourite kind of sport is cycling by my road bike.. Two years ago I have undertaken a trip trough the alps.. In this two a half weeks of cycling I take back a distance of more than kilometers and I "climbed" with my road bike about 1oo.oo meters in hight over 53 alpine passes.. I traveled the different countries Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Swiss and France.. At this live event I remember with pleasure.. This year I planed the next grand road bike bicycling tour along the German border with a distance of about kilometers within two weeks of time.. This year also planed is a climbing of the European top; the peak of the Mont Blanc mountain massive (4810 m); together with my brother.. But I must take care my little brother, because he isn't much expirienced.. Many unexpirienced hikers died last year because of on rockfall, on avalanche, fall and get frostbite, at this mountain.. However, it's not so important if you aren't sporty!! The main thing is your appearance and your character fits.. ;)

I'm a witty, absolutely honest, faithfull, modest and well-considered acting guy, and contented with my life.. I still miss only the girl of my heart beside me to be really happy..

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5'10" (178cm) and athletic.
Student (applied informatics/multimedia technique)
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