SeriousGreg, 61
Last online: 2d, 8h ago
SeriousGreg, 61
Last online: 2d, 8h ago

Serious Guy, Looking to meet friendly women in search of a complementary long term relationship.


  Lewiston (ID), United States  [ show map ]

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 25 to 45 years old for friendship, romance, marriage, serious relationship and more.

About me

Greg's Free Online dating guide..
This modern dating platform "SuperMarket Style" is NEW to US..
Most of us are familiar with the Supermarket .. right!

1) Eye appeal .. attractive label (your photo's)
Our sense of sight is our most highly developed and most powerful sense. First you have to get noticed .. before anyone "reads about the ingredients" Is your photo clear, with good light ,a best representation of you? Especially your face? Think.. is this how I want to look on my first meeting? (actually it is your first meeting)
2) Telling your story .. "About Me" .. Take your time, try to describe your unique personal characteristics .. READ YOUR OWN WORDS a few times .. if better words come to mind, edit them occasionally. If you read someone else's words and you think that describes you very well.. personalize them and use it. Note: "SIMPLE" is not well understood or very descriptive .. OK to use but add what that means to you.
"About You" .. Its fine to list qualities you are looking for in your date or hopeful future partner. Also a good idea to prioritize them .. very important, would be nice, tolerable, not acceptable.
3) Chatting .. It is not uncommon to get overwhelmed here trying to keep up .. Maybe you have multiple messages flooding in? You might feel obligated to answer them all? Maybe there are a few you really want to keep going? Maybe your connection is weak or fluctuating? Often there are huge time differences. Maybe the language barrier is causing misunderstandings? Do your best to be clear and honest. If you have an issue, inform your chat-mate. Assuming answers without information is probably the #1 reason for dead end communication.
This is a new form of meeting .. our natural nonverbal, person to person communication is missing. Where we see facial expressions, body posture, and hear vocal tones, are all unavailable. Therefore WE ALL need to be more patient and understanding..

Now about me..
I am a kind man, whom puts forth the effort to see the best in all things. I am smart yet humble, introverted yet determined, hard working yet able to step back and see the natural beauty of this world,. I am aware that our time here is short, and the real value is our intimate connections with friends and family, and also aware that the most important friend should be my spouse. That is why I am here, sincerely looking, yet meticulous in finding my best match.

Relationships are not just about accepting you as you are, nor you accepting me as I am. A solid long term relationship is built on a foundation of respect, admiration, understanding and working through the acceptable differences that exist in each other. Important foundation requirements are common goals and values, and #1 is the ability of both parties to COMMUNICATE on a spiritual/emotional level with each other. This requires an open mind and intellectual continuity.

"A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities."

Never loose your sense of wonder, nor your sense of healthy doubt. Trust should be earned on a tight budget. An ounce of doubt, will save a ton of sorrow. Chasing a simple dream can lead to a repeating harsh reality, cautious doubt is the cornerstone of wisdom.

Love grows from true friendship, true friendship starts with common interests and similar world views, then is built on trust, trust comes through a long honest history.

All mentally healthy people seek the same things in life, and we all live together here in this same world.

FYI: My heart is good ... but I am not an organ donor ... the moral of this story is if you give to much of your heart away you can not live.
Also my children are grown and have been on their own for a very long time now, I live alone.

If this makes good sense to you...lets talk!

About you

Looking for sincere happy outgoing women who believe in friendship first. Lets wonder and dream together.
Attractive to me .. temperament and personality are a big part of that..
Intelligent .. the world is so full of interesting things .. lets discover these together..
Available .. you have or can find time to talk..
A journey starts with a single step.

Personal info

Caucasian (White), 5'4" (163cm), 159lbs (72kg) and blue eyes.

Ag Engineering, Business, Internet
College - Some
No Religion

Relationship status:
Has children:
Yes (Doesn't live with)
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Not sure
Non smoker
Rarely drinks

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