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I'm here to meet girls from 22 to 45 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship.

About me

I'm from America, living and working in China. I try my best to live a "colorful" life. I love adventure, travel, and soaking up new experiences. I'm no bad boy. But I can be a crazy, silly, fun kind of dork. I love movies, playing videogames that kind of stuff too. Living an ordinary life isn't for me. I'm not conservative, and I am honest with myself and the way things are. I've got flaws like everyone else. I know the reality of my situation consdering that most people I talk with are hundreds to thousands of miles away. So I'm open knowing the what the possibilties could be, but can accept sometimes you can talk with someone but after a few messages, it suddenly stops or they never respond at all. But I still am not afraid to take a chance to find that real connection with someone. I don't know how often places like these really works, but it doesn't hurt for me to try to see if something real can happen.

I'm a light sleeper, so I usually stay up late and get up early. I know it may not be healthy I guess. But I have a lot of energy. I love fireworks, rollercoasters, essentially I can be pretty active outdoors especially on vacations. I love to explore new places and hike around places and stuff. I drink at parties, but drinking isn't a daily habit for me. I can do a lot in doors but I can have just as much outdoors depending who I'm with. But I don't do the whole bar club scene every night. I'm cool with that once in a while, but again, I'm a dork that would rather play games, watch movies, explore cities, sandboarding, bungee or climb mountains to see some old temples. I'm either too much or not good enough. It is what it is. But I'll still be myself.

About you

I know what I want and what I don't want. I don't like double standards. If I'm in a serious relationship then I don't like to be constantly tested to see if my feelings or love is real. That just feels like no matter what I say or do it won't be enough because you're too insecure or have doubt issues. If you're in a relationship long enough, you should say your feelings because you enjoy saying it, not because you must always prove yourself. I don't go for conservatives or very strict religious people. There's nothing against it, it's just not my ideal kind of girl.

There's more to me then just a couple of paragraphs, but I would like to find someone similar to me at least. I want someone that wants to share enjoying life together and not watch me enjoy life. If I want to try something new like cosplay, it would awesome if she would want to do it too. If I want to go sandboarding, it would be awesome if she wanted it too. It would be awesome if she likes to play videogames, but I'm happy just watching movies. Essentially looking for someone that enjoys the same things.

Also, I don't want to waste anybody's time, so I don't play mind games to get into your pants. That's why I'm not afraid to say that if you want children in your future, then I can't be with you. I have no interest in having children. One girl is all I need and want. Now, usually the guy has to send the first message. I've heard all the horror stories of saying, "hi" "hello" "how are you?", so I will try to put a little more effort to catch your attention. But since there's no guarantee of a response, I'm not going to jump through hoops on my first message. I'm happy to show you that I'm a real person, but it's a two way street. For every message that follows after the first one, my words become more detailed as this profile. You got to put some effort too if you want to know more about me other than short simple sentences.

If you're looking for the kind of person to be with on your best days and worst, someone to be the right kind of lover, marriage that kind of stuff. Then yeah I'm all for it. But I'm not looking to ever have a family. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future, maybe I won't. It is what it is. But at least you know I'm honest. i am affectionate. I have no shame in feeling like kissing, hugging, the cuddling thing in doors, outdoors whatever. The more intimate stuff I'll keep to myself. I'm more private with that stuff.

I also know that distance can be a problem. I'm not afraid to go for it if the connection is real and that romance and possibly more could happen. But I also can accept that usually on here some messages happen and then they stop. But I'm not afraid to try.

Personal info

Hispanic, 5'5" (165cm), 187lbs (85kg), muscular, brown eyes and black hair.

College - Some

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