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  Las Casitas Village (PUERTO RICO), United States  [ show map ]

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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 18 to 35 years old for dating, friendship, romance, marriage, serious relationship, networking and more.

About me

I must say this in advance, if I don't reply to your message, it means i have something else in mind and it doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you :)

Let me begin with this: GOD BLESS the victims of all things that caused harm to them. Earthquakes, Tsunami, Typhoon, Hurricane or any other natural disaster and any man made disasters, like war, hatred, terrorism and all other ungodly insane actions. My heart and my prayers are with all the victims and their families. May GODs Mercy be with them and may GOD BLESS us all.
On a brighter note, I plan a return visit to Asia on business soon. I look forward to the pleasant experiences I always have in Asia. I enjoy having a good time and always find pleasure being in the company of good people. I have traveled the world on many occasions before and made many friends and never once encountered an adversary in other lands, but I always miss my country (USA) and family members and friends when i leave here. I appreciate other cultures because I consider Cultural Diversity to be a gift to humankind from GOD. About me, I am cut from a different mold. Not your average guy, but all MAN. I have lived the life and learned the lessons of life, some bitter but most sweet. My experiences guide me. I will be forever a seeker of TRUTH and a student of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. I am a Spiritual Man, intellectually, mentally, emotionally and financially secure. For sure one is always safe and sound with me and around me coz my energies are pure :). What else can I tell you? I have a love for the Arts and Music is my passion. I love to sing and play my guitar and piano. I am an avid reader and I can express myself adequately with the pen :) I have been well educated in the "ivory towers of Babylon", in the most prominent Universities in the western world. But my best education came through my LIFE EXPERIENCES and from the people i have met along the way. As a result of what I have witnessed, I have chosen the path of moderation in this life and I am the enemy of all extremes.
I am here to meet people and I am not looking for anything or anyone in particular, just good people. Not just good people, but ONLY GOOD PEOPLE. I leave you with this food for thought, "there is not much in this life that I haven't had or tried, and more importantly, there is even less in this world that I want. My only desire is to live a healthy, happy and purposeful life and bring a smile and much joy and happiness to the lives of those around me.

About you

As I previously stated, I am not looking for anything or anyone in particular. I want you to know that It will take a very special woman to attract my attention and win my affections. A pretty face doesn't mean much to me. What is the value of a pretty face mounted on an empty head? All external beauty will fade with time, but the beauty inside is what will remain forever :) That's what i am looking for, a woman who is beautiful inside :) What I am not looking for is a party girl !!! Those days are in my past, not my present or future. To me a woman's personality and character is much more important than merely her physical appearance. A woman who is intuitively intelligent, with a pure heart, compassionate and honest to a fault, For that woman I open my heart and my world :) Do you possess those attributes? If so, then I would like to get to know you.

In all of my many journeys in this life, I've travelled as a human being and a citizen of this beautiful world that GOD has created. I look forward to my travels and experiences with great expectation. I pray that Almighty GOD will always be my Companion.

Thank you for taking your time to check out my profile. GOD BLESS YOU and FAMILY with Peace and Paradise

Personal info

6'0" (182cm), 190lbs (86kg) and athletic.

University - Graduated

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Not sure
Non smoker
Non drinker

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