PasonRodelyn • 32
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PasonRodelyn • 32
  Domestic helper
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When god is your reason to live, You will never have A reason to quit.




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I'm here to

I'm here to meet guys 31 to 96 years old for serious relationship.

About me

I am simple and Independent woman,courageous,observant,positive thinker, honest, good listener,trustworthy, caring,genuine, Patient. Sincere, responsible, hardworking and I have strong character but kindhearted.I am the kind of woman who don't like to go out with friends for having fun especially during night time I never went to a disco or any party other woman's doing because my mother teached me when I'm small this is not good for me and I don't like to waste my money for gimmick with friends,I avoid myself from the danger or bad people because nobody can protect me only me. .Some people think my life is bored they don't understand because I am different the way I think,they have family to guide them, to listen,to give them what they want and I don't have it because I'm the one who guide my father and brother showed them that I can handle everything. I'm the kind of woman who don't like to depend other's even my own family Since I'm 16yrs old when my mother passed away I stand all by myself. I grew up a lot of struggle and challenges. when I'm 22yrs old I decide to give up my studies and went to abroad so that I can helped my father I think about my responsibilities for them,this is me I decide and made decision alone nobody can dictate me even my own family because my family knows who I am.I made a lot of mistakes too because I am human I'm not perfect the important I learned from it and made me strong.I always disappointeI, broken hearted and betrayed everytime i tried to love thats why im single and sometimes heartless in this way i can protect my own heart from pain.I don't give up easily, before I giving up the things I want or the people I love I will do my best first. I don't like people who only talk without action I believed action louder than words.I don't like people who are weak because for me life is like a game not all the time you will win the important you don't stop trying. I don't like fake people, I don't like to pretend infront of the man so that he will empress me I am bitch and bad I am unique I will show my bad side before good in that way I will know who can accept me. I am Capricorn woman only man has a sense of humor, has a common sense and good intention can handle me.I don't care if you are rich or handsome.. I'm the kind of woman who are looking for the characters of man I want. Remember I am poor and independent so I'm happy in a simple life. If you are a man who is handsome and rich and you will love me it is only bunos for me.

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About you

I want a man who are looking for the character of the woman he want, if you are a man who are looking for fun or for flirting don't waste your time to disturb me especially if you don't know how to respect I'm sure you will regret it because I talk frankly sometimes I talk boneless.I want Someone who is Patient and observant like me.Someone who don't need to be rush.I believed there is the right time for everything.I believed if you are serious to find a right partner for you.. You don't need to be rush,you should observe first so that you will know that person fully before you tell what you feel (be clever).My intention is always good. I believe even someone not infront of me I will know his intention if good or not I can used my heart and instinct
to know's someone.I don't fall in love easily, you can't convince me because of money or because you are handsome."real love"that's what I'm looking because in my life it's look like I'm the one who always give love, care, give value to them,protect them, guide them,sacrifice them it's very hard sometimes being strong they think I'm always OK even my own family it's look like I'm not valuable.I want to experience too I wish that someday I can find someone who can love, care and accept me who really I am.
respect me and don't play with me because I'm the kind of woman who can recognize your game before you even play it.

Personal info

4'9" (146cm) and slim.
Domestic helper
Has children:
Wants children:
Non smoker
Non drinker
Relationship status:
Willing to relocate:
College - Some
Christian - Catholic

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