Ole Soul, 56
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Ole Soul
Ole Soul, 56
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Long term partner wanted apply now * if you are truly free not just separated !"


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls from 26 to 49 years old for dating, friendship, serious relationship and more.

About me

thnx for viewing my profile , im an Italian/aussie , aussie by birth , 100% Italian, prefer to chat than write here message me , if you want to be known put some effort in pls lets communicate not stare at our photos and say more than Hi or Hello.

by communicating you will know me. I dont make False promises , i wont say I love you online that's only for in person and when its true , i always try to keep my word , words like 'i promise ' wont come from me .

Lets see IF we can communicate with each other and understand one another clearly , sure there might be some language barriers to overcome at times , but where theres a will theres a way and a desire to understand eachother it can be done !
Love cooking and enjoy doing so , take care of myself as im totally independent ,
I don't need to be mothered , I'm not looking for a domestic slave or a nurse but an equally attentive partner as i will be likewise .

Enjoy travelling Especially South Asia have to see more of Taiwan soon and Indonesia ,like Formula 1 , coastal drives , movies at home or the theatre, Sci-Fi , Action or courtroom dramas they must have a good story line , a vast range of Music , played loudly of course , when possible , good food , Thai , Indian , Italian , Chinese and Filipino cuisines or a great Steak with a glass of Red or White depending on what's being eaten, a beer on a hot afternoon i drink for the taste not to get drunk like way too many do , love Seafood caught or bought , love the beach and growing my own organic Vegetables .
I'm very willing to work hard to achieve my or our combined goals with you and play harder within sensible reason.

Im always willing to have a go at repairing things and learning new things , thanks Google, and giving others a hand if its appreciated and not just expected .
I'm not here to play games , i want to build a lasting loving strong and united family with the right partner preferably in Asia not Australia , A woman that wants to live in rural/province preferably not a city dweller sure working in a city is usually a must, able to carry herself with class is all you need to do
First chat here then via other msg apps to avoid interruptions by others .Line, Whatsapp or Viber preferably.
no Skypeing until we know one another better, if all your interested is looks i suggest you hit the local bars to pickup a similar shallow person like yourself .
Prefer other msg apps with video when the time is right , Skype simply uses too much data i do know some get free access to fb and skype , ask me which please . Ciao.

About you

Please no Teachers Apply your job is important but mostly your married to your job , on top of that it a very public position Sorry Teachers!

Someone that understands the 3 A's
:- ATTENTION , AFFECTION and very importantly APPRECIATION !
Love and Respect always !
Starting with the respect of each other's time , that's just one good example uf you cant continue a chat Just say so !

A Single motivated independent woman , I'm looking preferably for someone willing to become self employed along side me and not make an employer richer , if you are employed is it gainfully for you or the employer? My experience has always been for the employer at a pitiful remittance (pay) for you .
A woman that wants to live in rural/province preferably not a city dweller and a woman thats only about status for others
Are you a thinker and a not just a doer or a talker of the boring and mundane things in life , someone willing to learn and grow beside me acquiring the skills needed as our lives and circumstances change but will remain united with me as I will with her to the challenges of life can & will put before us in life's journey. you want a simple life ? go without ?.

If you have an Attitude please leave it behind , i didnt cause your Pain and problems or your Situation & Suffering , im not here to entertain you or fix you , thats for you to do before you seek a relationship with another .
We all have had a past and learning from our past is a must if you dont learn from your past you will allow the same things to happen again ,
If there are children involved I'd be accepting of them as long as they are of me , its a mothers job to do in preparing them for a different life, there is no other way , unless all can be happy none can without Acceptance, only hurt will follow !
Im looking for someone a little educated , a little worldly , emotional woman able to express herself well , not a Whiner , someone that strives not just for more but for a better life im not talking just materialisticly , i dont want a good looking piece of Cardboard ! Id like real person not a pretender .

Age isnt important , the ages above are only a guideline , a willingness to be opened eyed about a better future that a working partnership can achieve with the right knowledge and hard work Our combined dreams are indeed possible , learn , plan and do to achieve . suitability is of utmost importance for narriage is a serious commitment.

NO self righteous, lying , self assuming , gold digging & agenda driven Fillipinas !
Dont like what ive written blame your own country women .

Serious :- meaning for those of you that THINK you know what serious means 🤔
Its an adjective
1. demanding or characterized by careful consideration or application.
"marriage is a serious matter"
synonyms: important, significant, consequential, of consequence, momentous, of moment, key, grave, weighty, far-reaching, major;
2. acting or speaking sincerely and in earnest, rather than in a joking

If you are interested or curious woman want to know more about me , my plans and goals , contact me. you never know if you never ask do you , Ciao and good luck

Personal info

Mediterranean, 5'10" (177cm), 190lbs (86kg), athletic, brown eyes and brown hair.

College - Graduated
Christian - Catholic

Relationship status:
Has children:
Yes (Doesn't live with)
Wants children:
Willing to relocate:
Light / social drinker

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