Norvid • 68
Last online: 2 Jan 2019
  R&D researcher-inventor
Norvid • 68
  R&D researcher-inventor
Last online: 2 Jan 2019

I'm back from the journey to nowhere.......


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I'm here to

I'm here to meet girls 40 to 50 years old for marriage.

About me

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.................all things I find curious. Almost all things can generate curiosity. Why our brain is capable of abstract thinking? Is the natural selection and evolution propelling development of new species? How is this simple thing, that I can see clearly certain possibilities and others can't? Is there another paralleled universe, but we can't see it, since it is governed by the different laws of physics? Why majority do not engage themselves with newly presented knowledge on our expended universe? Is now that time for revision of generally accepted philosophical question of a supreme being according to empirical knowledge? Why do we trying to achieve unreachable goals in our lives? Where are we going and what it means for the future?

I like classical staff. Music, undigested thoughts in a documents, documentaries, history, the beginning of everything and it's evolution. Trying to understand the world around and human unpredictable, ungoverned, claustrophobic, brain-washed by the external forces behavior. Why? Yes, why so many are living in the past, or taking the knowledge from the past as new and adopt it as their own without asking questions, or using their own brain for a change. Why this confusion is so wide spread, that become a standard practice. Why so few see it differently? Well......

Working on projects to be realized and that is pain in a....neck. Dealing with the world of any fish you can name including sharks.

Nobody knows how hard is to break through this invisible barrier. ........But the horizon is there ....just in a fog at this moment. I can smell fresh air blown by the wind from there already. Exiting feeling, which makes me nervous.

Inventions are quite common, but too take them to the next level, realization, is not that common and not easy at all, if you want to keep control on them. This is a tricky and not simple business. The brilliant cut diamond nobody wants if nobody knows about it. Like selling the house, just one right contact is needed to succeed.

I still want to do things and I have plans. You do not retire with the pregnant brain. Your "child" has to be born and taken care, so you can see it grow. Is that not true? Enjoyment is to go on a ladder and not necessary to get to the top. The effort and making the steps is what makes us alive and kicking. Don't you agree? All life is a journey in time and journey to success is important for us, the motor of our action.

What I want is very simple. Have a loved one, beach, sand, sun and realization of my projects. Is that a lot?

Norvid. Yes there was a Norvid. Kamil Cyprian Norvid as a matter of fact. A romantic poet. My favorite writer of true feelings and polemics in poems. An emigre in a strange land in a strange times of war and national enslavement. Long gone now. The times are however not much different in other part of this earthy living. History is always repeated and we as humans never learn. What's the pity.

There must be no barriers to freedom of inquiry. There is no place for dogma in science. The scientist is free, and must be free to ask any question, to doubt any assertion, to seek for any evidence, to correct any errors.

-- J. Robert Oppenheimer

Have been in business all my life and I see it as the only way to your"shackled" freedom.
How do you like this music?

About you

Educated with passable English language commend, sensitive, intelligent, with interests to talk about, curious with truly open mind and heart. What else? Somebody I will love for ever and who could help me by unconditional moral/mental support in realization of my dreams. Somebody with pleasant personality, dedication to concepts and ideas to be realized, or to educate. Somebody who can see a big picture. Feel it.......... and you understand. Home is not the house you are in. It is a place where I'm coming with smiling face knowing you are waiting for me with the smile. You know how to create warmth and pleasant-inviting surrounding. Almost sensual presence felt all around by anybody, even the guests. Dear you make me happy here and I fell like I don't want to go anywhere even if I have to..

Of course the age maters for both of us, but it is hard to tell your age, because you look so feminine, sweet, young and slim with beautiful black eyes and hair and tanned surface of your delicate skin and wonderful, and I just only want you and wish your feelings are like waves that make interference in unity for life. Dream come true?

The WISH. Big wish. I can almost taste it. I like that we can talk about anything without the effort. There is so much to talk about, that we need to put structure to it, or we get to trouble and end up hugging each other instead. Like to feel your presence all over. Lovely.
interesting eye opener for most

............Skype shall be mandatory for confirmation of identity. No Skype - no talk -I'll block....... small children please........................................

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5'9" (175cm).
R&D researcher-inventor
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